City councilman gets into physical altercation with gay bar manager after urinating on door in downtown Los Angeles

A city councilman in California is getting called out by a gay bar manager for urinating on the door and then getting into a physical altercation with the manager.

The bizarre episode from early Saturday morning was caught on surveillance video in downtown Los Angeles just after the bar closed.

Jeremy Lucido, manager of Precinct on Broadway, told KABC-TV that he accosted the pair of men because they had walked outside of the bar with alcoholic drinks and gone to the bar’s employee entrance.

“I was walking to my car on the sidewalk, noticed two guys, drunk with their full cocktails,” Lucido said. “I recognized the glasses from our bar so I knew they (had been) inside. I told them, ‘Whatsup! You can’t have your drinks out here,’ and I went to grab one of the cups and the tall dude pushed just me and I flew back.”

Lucido said he checked the surveillance videos and saw that the two men had been urinating on the door before he confronted them. He posted video of their actions to the official Instagram account of the bar and garnered more than a 1,000 comments.

Some commenters identified one of the men as Chris Kilpatrick, who held an elected office on the Crescenta Valley Town Council.

“The comments just grew very fast with different stories, other parties and party hosts, and bar managers, like ‘oh yeah, we know them’,” Lucido added.

John Duran, an attorney for Kilpatrick, defended his actions by claiming that Lucido neglected to identify himself as an employee of the bar. He added that the councilman believed he was about to be assaulted because of his sexual identity and acted in self-defense.

The attorney also pointed out that public urination is not a criminal offense in Los Angeles.

“It is an infraction under the Los Angeles Municipal Code and one can be cited to pay a fine for this violation,” the attorney added.

“Battery is a misdemeanor offense including an unlawful touching as exhibited by individual one, who grabbed my client first. Pushing back is an affirmative defense if done to defend oneself or others,” Duran concluded.

Lucido said he didn’t know the man was an elected official when he posted the video and only wanted to call out bad behavior.

The city council of La Crescenta released a statement about the incident.

“The Crescenta Valley Town Council is aware of the social media posts concerning allegations about the conduct of a member and is actively gathering the facts surrounding the incidents,” the statement read. “If the incidents are found to be true, such conduct is not fitting for a member of our Council.”

Here’s the video of the altercation:

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