Dylan Mulvaney releases ‘Days of Girlhood’ song, earns wave of backlash

People are sounding off after Dylan Mulvaney, a man who identifies as a woman, released a song titled “Days of Girlhood.”

Some of the lyrics in the song include lines such as “Monday can’t get out of bed, Tuesday morning pick up meds, Wednesday retail therapy, cash or credit I say yes, Thursday had a walk of shame, didn’t even know his name.”

Many people blasted Mulvaney and the song.

“Every part of ‘girlhood’ that Dylan Mulvaney imitates is an offensive stereotype,” BlazeTV host Lauren Chen tweeted, listing, “Stupidity, promiscuity, emotional instability, materialism.” She added, “His entire persona is a modern-day minstrel show, and women are the butt of the joke.”

“This is literally the most sexist song in the history of sexism,” Ben Shapiro tweeted.

“I didn’t think that Dylan Mulvaney could insult anything more than he insulted women but he’s done it. Calling this crap music is an insult to even the worst music,” Robby Starbuck wrote on X.

Over on Mulvaney’s YouTube channel, people left comments such as, “I introduce: the patriarchy.”

Another comment stated, “this is a mockery of women.”

“I cringed into another dimension,” someone wrote.

“This is not only misogynistic, but super cringe on another level,” someone declared.

“I would rather watch 24 hours of baby shark on repeat than listen this song once,” another comment read.

Mulvaney was previously at the center of a firestorm of cultural backlash that ignited after he had been enlisted to promote Bud Light beer.

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