‘Family Guy’ Mocks Transgenderism with Joke About Fake Women

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Last night, Fox’s Family Guy mocked the transgender agenda and struggle sessions imposed on those who dissent from it. 

On Wednesday’s episode, “Teacher’s Heavy Pet,” Lois (Alex Borstein) lies about her education in order to get a substitute teaching job at her son Chris’ (Seth Green) school. The family dog, Brian (Seth MacFarlane), tells her she cannot just say she is a teacher. Lois brings up men who just say they are women. Her dialogue suddenly cuts off and the screen goes black. She reappears a second later after a “nationwide apology tour.”

Brian: Don’t you need a master’s degree to teach?

Lois: A master’s degree is needed, and I told them I had one. 

Brian: You lied? 

Lois: I manifested success. I’m a woman in her 40s, so I manifest. Lying is just me taking action steps over the truth. The corpse of the truth. 

Brian: You can’t just say you’re a teacher. 

Lois: Oh, no? Every other man these days throws on a dress and suddenly he’s a woman, so… Okay, I met with community leaders, and I’m going to learn and listen. Anyway, I’m a teacher now. 

Later, Principal Shepherd (Gary Cole) gives Lois a tour of the school. They pass by a Black Lives Matter (BLM) banner and Shepherd says, “There’s our BLM banner. That should probably come down, I think we’re all done with that.” Shepherd is like all the useful idiots who supported 2020’s “summer of love” and lost interest after billions in damages.

Chris feels embarrassed at the idea of his mom as a teacher, so Lois uses her maiden name and wears a wig to mask her identity. Since no one knows they are related, the popular kids think Chris is having a romantic relationship with the new “hot” teacher who is so friendly with him. They invite Chris to sit at their table.

The rest of the episode is a perverted scenario in which Chris lies about having a sexual relationship and secretly takes a soap-covered picture of Lois in the shower to prove it. 

A creepy Chris episode is never a good episode. Nonetheless, the inclusion of dialogue mocking left-wing sacred cows is notable.  While Family Guy can be vulgar and offensive, it remains one of the only network shows that dares to oppose the trans agenda.

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