Levin: Revealing CNN’s false claims on ‘Christian Nationalism’

The leftist media has been equating American Christians with “Christian Nationalism,” and Mark Levin knows exactly what they’re doing: fueling hate against Christians and Jews.

“What they want you to think about when they say ‘Christian Nationalism’ is the Klan,” Levin says. “White robes, white people, white hoods, the Klan.”

In a segment on MSNBC, a reporter from Politico discussed the topic, saying that Christian Nationalists “believe that our rights as Americans, all human beings, don’t come from any earthly authority.”

According to her, our rights don’t come from God — despite our country being founded by those who believed in natural law.

“Our rights don’t come from God? Oh my goodness,” Levin says, adding that “it would surprise the men at the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia at Independence Hall who drafted and voted on and approved the Declaration of Independence.”

“If man has the power to give you rights, man has the power to take them away,” Levin says.

Levin points out that most people don’t choose not to murder because they’ll get in trouble with the government and go to jail, but because it’s simply wrong.

“What they’re trying to do is deny the fact that Judeo-Christian morals and ethics are the basis of the founding of America because they are,” Levin says.

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