Florida sheriff blames ‘idiots in Washington, DC,’ for 3 illegal aliens who allegedly assaulted woman: ‘They shouldn’t be here!’

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A Florida county sheriff excoriated the “idiots in Washington, D.C.,” for failing to secure the border after three illegal aliens were arrested for allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman.

“This morning, I’m just here to deliver a message. And the message is: don’t think for a minute that what happens at the Mexican border doesn’t affect us here!” said Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw in a media briefing Wednesday.

“Here you have three illegals that should have never been in this country that have committed a very serious crime: kidnapping and sexual battery of a lady. They shouldn’t be here!” he added.

Bradshaw compared the sexual battery case in Florida to that of the brutal murder of 22-year-old Georgia college student Laken Riley after an illegal alien was arrested and charged with her death. He had been previously released over a “lack of detention space,” according to one report.

“In all likelihood, these three people came through Mexico. They didn’t come through here, I can tell ya that for sure,” he continued.

“But for them to be in this country, to be able to commit these types of crimes, is unconscionable. The federal government has put the American people in jeopardy,” Bradshaw added.

“Our intelligence section, that works very closely with the FBI, has also identified that the most dangerous gangs in the world are now in Miami from Venezuela,” he continued. “They make MS-13 look like school kids. They’re gonna just stay in Miami. They’re gonna go where they need to go to do what they do.”

Officials have warned that members of El Tren de Aragua gang from Venezuela have infiltrated the U.S. by hiding among immigrants. Police believe the gang was organizing a sex trafficking ring in Indianapolis.

Bradshaw has been sheriff in the county for 20 years, but he said the immigration crisis is the worst he has seen in 52 years of his experience in law enforcement.

“These idiots in Washington, D.C., need to close this border. You know, if you got a leak in your house and water’s going all over the place, you don’t get a bucket and start cleaning it up. You turn the water off, and you stop the leak first. And in order to for this mess to get cleaned up, they got to stop what’s coming across this border,” he explained.

“And it can be done,” Bradshaw added.

A friend of the victim said that she is seriously traumatized by the alleged kidnapping and assault. Police were able to arrest three illegal aliens as suspects. One has been previously arrested for driving without a license, but prosecutors dropped the charges, and he was let free.

“My message is: don’t be complacent,” Bradshaw concluded. “Because what is happening at the Mexican border is going to affect us.”

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