Next week, SCOTUS will hear ‘the most important free speech case in the history of the country.​’ Here’s what you need to know.

The Federal government’s collusion with social media giants to control the narrative through censorship may be coming to an end.

On Monday, March 18, the Supreme Court will hear the case Murthy vs. Missouri (formerly Missouri vs. Biden).

Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-Mo.) joins Glenn Beck to discuss the details of the upcoming hearing.

The case “deals with the Federal government in its vast censorship enterprise — coercing, colluding, cajoling these social media giants to censor speech,” Schmitt says.

“What the judge found at the lower court … was that it was almost exclusively conservatives being censored. It reeked of viewpoint discrimination, which violates the First Amendment.”

“What was uncovered, Glenn, were tens of thousands of pages of emails and text messages from high-ranking government officials to social media giants saying, ‘Take it down or we’re going to launch an investigation or we’re going to sue you under antitrust issues,’” Schmitt explains. “The full power of the Federal government was being used to suppress dissent to silence Americans.”

Of course, this has been “appealed by the government” because “they want to continue to censor people,” says Schmitt, but thankfully, “the Supreme Court is going to hear oral arguments on that on Monday.”

“How do you think it’s gonna go?” asks Glenn.

“I’m hopeful. … A lot of it will come down to: what was the government actually doing and were they, in fact, coercing? Were they using the power of the Federal government to get these social media giants to do the things that they can’t legally do themselves?”

On top of FBI agent Elvis Chan “pre-bunking the Hunter Biden laptop story — calling it Russian disinformation [and] a hack and leak operation” in preparation for 2020, the Federal government squashed any talk of “the efficacy of masks,” “vaccine issues,” and potential “origins of COVID.”

“All of that is uncovered in this lawsuit,” says Schmitt, adding that “Elon Musk buying Twitter with the Twitter files” has also helped tremendously in bringing the blatant violation of the First Amendment to light.

“How much of this do you think was willing, and how much of it was fear of the government?” asks Glenn.

“Both,” is Schmitt’s answer.

“These social media platforms typically were very aligned with the left,” especially Facebook, who he thinks is run by “willing participants.”

However, other documents reveal that some companies “were pushing back” and that the content they were being told to censor “didn’t violate their terms of service.”

“We’re dealing with the virtual town square now, Glenn.”

To hear more about Monday’s SCOTUS hearing, watch the clip below.

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