Veteran Border Patrol agent says he’s never seen illegal immigration this bad

As a Border Patrol agent for more than 32 years, starting under Reagan and ending under Trump, Randy Clark thought he had seen it all.

But he has never seen anything like the border crisis under the current administration.

“If we do not change in our election, and we stay the course we’re at right now, we will see an open border for years, and those nearly 80,000 fentanyl deaths are going to continue or rise,” Clark tells Glenn Beck.

Glenn is well aware of what the current administration is doing to the country via the open border.

“They’re bending over backwards to dismiss any crime coming from illegals that are crossing over,” Glenn says, before asking Clark if he’s seen any correlation between those illegal aliens and rising crime.

“There sure are and not to paint migrants with a broad brush,” Clark says, noting that the only person responsible for the crime is not the only one to blame.

“What we see on the official side is, ‘Well, the only person responsible for that crime is the murderer.’ Well, you hear that because there was no gun. If there was a gun, well, then it would have been the gun, but it wouldn’t have been this administration,” he adds.

Clark doesn’t believe the Biden administration is going to take any responsibility for what they have “unleashed on America.”

“And I say unleashed because I was in the Border Patrol when Ronald Reagan was president, and I left at the end of the Trump administration in August of 2020, right at September. This never existed. What I have seen in the last three years, I have no advice to give border control agents,” Clark continues.

“I cannot tell them how to cope with this, because we never saw it before,” he adds.

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