Don’t expect the NY Times to report this awful Hamas detail

As the war between Israel and Hamas rages on, Americans continue to be swayed into supporting a terrorist group via leftist media coverage.

Dave Rubin and former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer see right through the media’s playbook.

“Hamas is doing things that most people in the West cannot believe even occurred, even when they see the video,” Rubin says, adding, “So, you’re fighting a physical war, and then, there’s also the ideological war and the PR war and everything else.”

While there was a widespread, brief moment of sympathy for Israelis in the immediate aftermath of October 7, that quickly changed once the propaganda took over.

“There are so many different forces that will try to present a distorted picture. They’ll forget about what happened on October 7, they’ll forget about the hostages, and we still have 134 that are being held there in Gaza,” Dermer says.

While the media has reported on Hamas using its own people as human shields, there are some horrifying details it has left out.

“I must tell you something I did learn in this war is that Hamas doesn’t build tunnels under schools, they actually build schools over the tunnels. That’s what I’ve seen,” Dermer explains, adding, “this is a strategy for Hamas.”

This strategy is a winning one because the media then blames Israel for the casualties.

“I don’t have any problem with people in the media showing the pictures that are tragic of every single civilian casualty in Gaza, but just lay it at the doorstep of Hamas. They’re the ones who are responsible,” Dermer says.

This misplaced blame has far-reaching consequences.

“By actually blaming Israel for this, what they’re telling every terror organization around the world is you should use human shields because it works,” Dermer says, adding, “so, all of those people around the world are blaming Israel for what is happening in Gaza, they’re not only endangering Israel’s security, they’re endangering the Palestinians.”

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