Dr. Peter McCullough, COVID Truth Hero, Goes on Offense Against Trump Over Vax Shilling

From the start of the pandemic, essentially, Dr. Peter McCullough has been a beacon of truth and integrity in the fight against Public Health™ fascism and the dangerous rollout of experimental mRNA shots deceptively passed off as “vaccines” — so deceptively, in fact, that dictionaries literally had to change the definition of the word overnight so as to accommodate them.


Here is a portion of his remarks, transcribed via Vigilant News:

It [vaccine deaths] are grossly underreported, probably thirty to one. That means the total number of Americans who likely have passed away of the vaccine is about 550,000…

Our two major presidential candidates are the same on this issue. They are completely, willfully blind to what’s happened to Americans. They’re focused on other issues outside of the health, the welfare, and actually the survival of their own people. The same is true worldwide.

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Here’s the thing, Jack: Trump absolutely needs all of his base to turn out in November to overcome election-rigging and corporate state media lies whispered through the television in the ears of normies who barely pay attention to politics save for one month every four years.

This is not my personal crusade; millions and millions of his supporters have not forgotten about the criminal rush to market of the so-called “vaccines”; many of them have family members who died or were themselves maimed.

If Trump thinks he can keep up his self-congratulating over Operation Warp Speed and not bleed critical electoral support come November, he is sorely mistaken, and indeed could be passing the election to Biden in November.


I don’t necessarily like that fact; I certainly don’t prefer Biden on this issue or any other; but we’re either living in reality or we’re deluding ourselves. The shots are malignant trash and have always been. Anyone who says otherwise is ignorant or lying.  

One question, among many, is: where are his advisors? Why have they not sat him down and explained reality to him? Or have they and he simply won’t listen to good advice?

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