Man found in car wearing only underwear with 13-year-old girl he met online, Oklahoma police say

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Oklahoma police say that neighbors alerted them to the presence of a strange man in a car and they were able to rescue a 13-year-old who met the man on the internet.

Tonkawa Police said that they were called on Saturday at about 7 p.m. by a resident who lived next to an alley. The homeowner said they saw a car parked in the alley for hours and running with people inside.

“The alleyway is really only utilized for utility and trash services,” said Tonkawa Police Chief Nick Payne. “So it’s highly peculiar for it to be parked there for so long. And the vehicle was running.”

The homeowner went to confront the driver of the car, but he immediately sped away, according to police.

Payne says that police then received numerous calls about a car driving erratically and that’s when they sought to find the man with the assistance of the Kay County Sheriff’s Office.

“While it’s not a crime to be sitting in an alleyway being suspicious, it certainly is a crime to be driving recklessly through residential areas,” Payne explained. “So that’s what the officers were trying to investigate.”

Police were able to find the car at a garage with 23-year-old Aaron Amador in the driver’s seat, wearing only his underwear.

In the passenger’s seat was a 13-year-old girl.

“Open alcohol containers were found,” Payne said. “The presence of marijuana was also observed.”

Payne said that Amador “tried to give every excuse under the sun” to police. He was arrested for a previous warrant on battery and assault charges and is facing additional charges of lewd acts and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The girl’s mother, Chance Roberts, spoke to KFOR-TV and said that she was shocked about the incident because her daughter didn’t own a cellphone and wasn’t on social media.

“She was getting her friends’ phones, logging on that way,” Roberts said.

She said that her daughter had told her she was going to go to a park down the street with her cousins that evening.

“I’m still processing the whole entire situation,” she added.

Roberts was thankful for police taking the call seriously.

“I don’t even know if I could put into words how much I appreciate them and how much like what they did and what they couldn’t what they most police wouldn’t have done,” Roberts concluded. “I mean, they possibly could have saved my daughter’s life.”

Here’s the harrowing news report:

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