Apparent Hezbollah Member Caught Crossing Border

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Another day, another criminal or terrorist who was caught crossing the border.

Just to make it better (and by that I mean worse), this guy was a member of Hezbollah, the Lebanese terrorist organization that attacks Israel from the north.


That’s right, Basel Bassel Ebbadi (try saying that three times fast) was caught on March 9 near El Paso, Texas (why do they always seem to cross there?), by Border Patrol.

When interrogated on what he was in the United States for, this genius decided to say “I’m going to try to make a bomb,” and admitted to being part of Hezbollah for eleven years. He intended to go to New York (where he, apparently as a 22-year-old, would get 60 days in a shelter thanks to new modifications to NYC’s  ”right-to-shelter” laws).

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Ebbadi also admitted to using a fake name at least once on his way to the border and claimed his papers were stolen in Costa Rica and that his father lived in Ecuador.

You would think Hezbollah would send a guy who could convincingly lie about his origins or would be less likely to crack under pressure when questioned, but Ebbadi also claimed in his testimony that he “didn’t want to kill people” and that he was apparently trying to defect from the group.


If his age of 22 is accurate, that would mean he was a child soldier for Hezbollah starting at age eleven. While that is certainly tragic in the sense that Hezbollah has no qualms about recruiting, training, and making use of children in their war against Israel, that does not validate Ebbadi being allowed into the country.

More to the point, if he really is 22 and a former child soldier for Hezbollah trying to defect, why did he tell Border Patrol he was “going to try to make a bomb” and head for New York?

Something isn’t lining up there, buddy.

Still, since Fiscal Year 2022, around 330 people who have crossed the border have been listed as Known or Suspected Terrorists (KSTs) according to Border Patrol statistics, and 59 of them came over since the start of Fiscal Year 2024 (which started in October).

Keep in mind, too, that those are just the ones who got caught. How many more were among the approximately 1.7 million gotaways who crossed since Joe Biden took office?

That’s not even talking about members of the Mexican drug cartels and other criminals from around the world, like Miss Michelle Angelica “La Chely” Pineda, whom I wrote about earlier this week.


This lovely woman was part of a street gang called “Assassin Artists,” which functioned as a proxy and enforcement arm of the Sinaloa Cartel in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Pineda was known to dismember her victims and leave their excised hearts on altars to heretical Mexican folk saint Santa Muerte. She illegally crossed the border into El Paso (see what I mean?) to expand drug trafficking operations. Thankfully the FBI caught and extradited her back to Mexico in February.

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You seriously have to wonder what sort of gains the people allowing this to happen are hoping to get out of keeping the border wide open.

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