Illegal in US Under Biden Program Arrested for Rape

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Illegal aliens are regularly arrested in America for serious crimes, but one particular arrest highlights the dangers of a Biden administration program.

Inadmissible aliens are just that: inadmissible to the United States, but not under Joe “Open Borders” Biden. His Democrat administration has various schemes to bring inadmissible illegals into America, where some commit crimes. For example, from Center for Immigration Studies’ (CIS) Andrew R. Arthur on March 16:


On March 14, Cory Alvarez, a 26-year-old Haitian national who entered under the Biden administration’s “CHNV” parole program, was arraigned in state court in Massachusetts on one count of aggravated rape of a 15-year-old girl. The case raises serious concerns about one of the White House’s multiple schemes to funnel inadmissible aliens into the United States — and confirms flaws the Center has previously identified in the program.

CHNV Parole. To slow a massive surge of Cuban, Haitian, and Nicaraguan illegal migrants at the Southwest border, the White House announced a plan in January 2023 to expand a parole program implemented the previous October for Venezuelan migrants to include nationals of those three countries as well…it allows up 30,000 nationals of those four countries to enter the United States per month (360,000 per annum) on two-year periods of “parole”.

Some Democrats point to the criminal rates among citizens to say illegal aliens comparatively do not commit an astronomical amount of crime (though government unwillingness to collect honest statistics in this area complicates the matter). But the point is that one crime committed by illegals is too many; they should never have been here to begin with and never been in the location of their crimes.

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Arthur provides an in-depth analysis of the problematic program in question on CIS, along with more details of the crime, but ultimately two points are key. Firstly, the Biden administration is endangering Americans with CHNV parole. Secondly, the rapist Alvarez is one of many criminal illegals in America, with more entering all the time.

Indeed, gang members disguised as migrants take advantage of Biden’s open border policies to enter America. The number of terrorists and potential terrorists also exploiting the border crisis shot up under Biden.

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As I noted above, it can be difficult to find honest statistics on illegal alien crime, but one number can give us an idea of how big a threat it is. Reportedly, illegal migrants committed over 430,000 criminal offenses since 2011 just in Texas. Hundreds of thousands of crimes committed by individuals who have absolutely no right to be in the country. That’s obscene.


As Arthur observed on CIS, “the question isn’t how Alvarez managed to evade DHS’s ‘robust security vetting’, but rather how many other criminals have managed to enter and offend under CHNV parole.” Where are Republican leaders? Why are unknown numbers of criminals allowed to enter — nay, assisted in entering the U.S. with taxpayer money — only to assault Americans? How many more victims must there be before decisive action is taken?

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