Leaked reports show Ukraine LOSING war against Russia, Macron “panicked”

French President Emmanuel Macron is reportedly having a meltdown over the stark realization that Ukraine is losing the fight against Russia.

It is speculated that the reason Macron is pondering in secret how to send French troops to Ukraine without upsetting Russian President Vladimir Putin is because he realizes that Ukraine, all on its own, even with a steady flow of weapons and cash from the West, is no match against Russia.

Magazine Marianne published a story about three reports from Macron revealing panic over the fact that Ukraine technically already lost the fight in 2023 when it wrecked its Western-trained forces in the country’s infamously failed offensive against Russia. Since that time, Ukraine has run out of manpower, as evidenced by its more recent loss of Avdeevka.

“Ukraine cannot win this war militarily,” reads one of Macron’s panicked reports, written in the fall of 2023 following the failed ground offensive. Russia, the report goes on, did exceptionally well by setting a new “tactical and technical” standard of defense that fully debunks the myth of “meat assaults.”

“The most serious error of analysis and judgment,” the report, which was supposed to remain confidential, continues, would be for the West to continue trying to fight Ukraine militarily.

One senior French officer wrote that sending French troops to Ukraine would be “unreasonable,” adding that, “Make no mistake, up against the Russians we are an army of cheerleaders!”

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Nobody wants to fight for the failed West

In the second report outlining prospects for 2024, Macron and other French officials detail that Ukraine would need 35,000 new fighting men per month to even stand a chance at beating Russia. Currently, Kiev is “recruiting less than half” that amount while Russia easily enlists 30,000 new volunteers monthly.

“The West can provide 3-D printers to manufacture drones or loitering munitions, but will never be able to print men,” the report states, adding that the failed 2023 ground offensive in Ukraine “tactically destroyed” half of Kiev’s 12 combat brigades.

One proposed option is to send Western troops to Ukraine not to fight on the front lines, but rather to aid in the rear. Sending “soldiers in civilian clothes” rather than in fighting gear might also work better so as to trick Russia into thinking they are Ukrainians.

In the third and final report, France laments the loss of the Battle of Avdeevka in which Russia unleashed “hell” on Ukrainian troops by bombarding them with glide bombs, killing more than 1,000 men a day. This failure left French observers of the battle “in cold sweat,” and Ukraine’s retreat on February 17 was “sudden and unprepared.”

A few days after the lost Battle of Avdeevka, Macron told NATO members that all options for helping Ukraine should now be “on the table,” including the possibility of sending in ground troops. Most members of the U.S.-led bloc decried this, however, as doing so would cross a very clear red line.

“All NATO-U.S.-EU countries are in financial trouble,” one commenter wrote about the matter. “And all the leaders think stealing the wealth of Russia will solve their problems.”

“When farmers and truck drivers are blocking your cities, a sane leader would realize those problems are more important than Ukraine and Russia. Farmers, truck drivers and the rest of the backbone of societies are not going to rush to enlistment centers in any of these countries when they are losing their own freedoms.”

“No one ever wins an unjust war in the end,” noted another. “You would think that the West would have realized this by now.”

There is no longer any doubt that Russia will win its war on Ukraine. Learn more at Chaos.news.

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