Video teaches that all whites are racist, minorities can’t be racist. A college required its athletes to watch it.

Davidson College — a private institution in North Carolina — required its athletes to watch a video that teaches that all white people are racist and that racial minorities can’t be racist, the College Fix reported.

What are the details?

The Davidsonians for Freedom of Thought and Discourse — an alumni-run free-speech organization — exposed and denounced the “I’m Not Racist … Am I?” video, the outlet said.

“In one clip of the film that we uncovered is the unequivocal repetition that all white people are racist, and people of color cannot be racist,” the group said, according to the College Fix.

Here’s one clip:

The discussion shown in the clip differentiates between racism and bigotry, noting that racial minorities can be guilty of bigotry against whites — expressing “personal meanness” and “hate” — but not racism against whites, which the discussion facilitators define as access to power through state-sanctioned systems that they say benefit white people.

“We’re saying that, collectively, blacks, Latinos, and other groups do not have the power to collectively oppress white people through the use of our systems,” another facilitator told the group.

The Davidsonians pushed back against the video’s message, telling the College Fix that “the students with whom we have spoken about this film found it offensive, divisive, and personally insulting.”

The group also told the outlet that it “does not object to discussions among teammates or anyone on any topic, including weaponized definitions of racism. Compelling them to do so, guided only by the extremist views of the film producer, is a hazardous way to go about it.”

The Davidsonians wondered to the College Fix, “Will those teammates classified as ‘the oppressed’ and ‘the oppressor’ continue to trust and respect each other?” It added to the outlet a concern that the “endorsement of such a film by the Athletic Department could signal to the scholar-athletes what views the institution does, and does not require, and thus have a silencing effect on them.”

More from the outlet:

The group pointed to a survey by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression that indicated 66 percent of Davidson students “regularly avoid informed dissent in the classroom.”

In response to the video and other concerns, the organization started a petition late last month to advocate for student’s rights and oppose future instances of ideological oppression.

The petition also points to “numerous” class syllabi containing “controversial ‘anti-oppression’ behaviors unrelated to the course subject” as another cause for concern. These included Spanish 101, multivariable calculus, and cell biology classes, according to the organization.

“Some of these anti-oppression statements make sweeping demands that students ‘actively identify and confront oppressive behaviors,’” the College Fix said, citing the petition.

The outlet said the Davidsonians also found syllabi statements such as, “We can only identify how power and privilege play out when we are conscious and committed to understanding how white supremacy, patriarchy, classism, heterosexism, cisgenderism, ableism, and all other systems of oppression affect each of us.”

What did the college have to say?

The College Fix said Davidson College — which had just under 2,000 undergraduates in the fall of 2022 — defended the video and syllabi in an email earlier this month.

“Students encounter many ideas, perspectives, and beliefs about the world at college, and even though a reading or event is assigned, that does not mean that anyone at the college expects students to agree with every idea they encounter,” the statement said, according to the outlet. “Learning – and teamwork – is about exploring different ideas, countering with better ones, and expanding knowledge.”

But the Davidsonians for Freedom of Thought and Discourse noted to the College Fix that the college’s “anti-oppression directives obviously run counter” to its stated commitment to freedom of expression.

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