What was Laken Riley’s life worth, anyway?

In a timely column, Betsy McCaughey asks the provocative question, “Is Laken Riley’s life worth less than George Floyd’s?” The same question could have been asked about Kaylan Hamilton, who was raped, strangled, and then robbed of $6 in 2022 by an “undocumented” resident of Maryland. At the time, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas warned about the danger of “politicizing” Hamilton’s death. After Riley’s killing by another violent illegal alien, the Democratic mayor of Athens, Georgia, cautioned against thinking her brutal murder was in any way related to his running a sanctuary city.

Jose Antonio Ibarra’s (alleged) vicious act was supposedly an isolated occurrence produced by a person the media presented initially as a local vagrant. After Riley’s death, the major issue for much of the media was whether Joe Biden should be allowed to belittle the murderer by characterizing him as “illegal” rather than “undocumented.” Apparently, it is the height of bigotry or insensitivity to hurt the feelings of intruders who commit multiple crimes, including a brutal killing, after they invade our country.

In no way are illegal aliens or leftist demonstrators to be shown in a bad light. They are helping the left gain more influence and control.

For our corporate media, the deep state, the Democratic Party, and the international anti-racist, anti-fascist left, the death of career criminal George Floyd was worth vastly more than the relatively inconsequential slaying of young women by government-protected illegal immigrants. Unlike those forgettable killings committed by Biden fans, Floyd’s death had astronomic value for the American left. That fortunate occurrence unleashed pandemonium on an international scale, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Sydney, Australia.

Moreover, in the United States those riots and killings following Floyd’s death were traced back, however circuitously, to Donald Trump. Were it not for the 45th president’s “avoidance” of the “nationwide discussion” about racism in America, none of these riots would have occurred. Trump and his followers had played down the racist poison that was responsible for the decision of Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin to press down on Floyd’s neck.

Never mind such extraneous details as the facts that Floyd was full of drugs at the time of his death and that he had resisted arrest after having been suspected (with some justification) of criminal activity. Floyd’s death served a far-reaching political purpose. It allowed leftist activists to riot in the name of “anti-racism” and to protest “police brutality.” These riots were widely depicted as a long overdue reaction to Trump and his racist rule. Although prominent Democrats bailed out the violent protestors whose savagery Kamala Harris bubblingly excused, the media exonerated those multiple enablers.

The most frightening aspect of the riots was their scope and organization. Most of them looked as if they involved full-time leftist activists who were adept at holding riotous demonstrations and who were networking with similar-minded activists across the globe.

Nothing led me to believe that we were dealing with gaggles of idealistic kids who were just expressing their unhappiness with our unsolved racial problems. We were encountering again and again professional rioters, who went from place to place venting violence on “the right.” The “right” in question included such unlikely representatives as slain black policemen and the Korean owners of gutted mom-and-pop convenience stores.

Such outrages benefit the left. These actions have allowed Democrats and their allies to intimidate their opposition, who cannot match their brazenness or resources. By blaming riots on white bigots, moreover, the left has also created a moral argument in favor of expanded immigration. It seems that such openness to diverse populations will make us better people who will be unlikely to repeat the racist behavior of Derek Chauvin or Donald Trump.

In no way, however, are illegal aliens or leftist demonstrators to be shown in a bad light. Both those groups are helping the left gain more influence and control.

Democrats in Congress insist that the millions of people pouring across our borders must count toward determining congressional representation. Meanwhile, efforts are underway to enfranchise these future Democrats, first by permitting them to vote in local elections. We needn’t ask whether these “undocumented” residents, including their criminal elements, have more value for our ruling class than those they rape and kill. Only a visitor from outer space wouldn’t know the answer.

We should also expect the Democrats and their media allies abroad to play down what happened to that 15-year-old disabled girl who was raped last week in Rockland, Massachusetts. The assailant was Cory Alvarez, a violent young man who is only one of 150,000 migrants from Haiti and Cuba, people Biden and Mayorkas have welcomed into our midst. Alvarez, once paroled, may still be of use to his sponsors.

Such lowlifes, not their victims, belong to those the Democrats are wooing. Biden and his advisors are certainly not concerned with protecting innocent lives or sparing us riots and criminal violence. Democratic politicians like them are driven entirely by the desire for power. From their perspective, it makes no difference what happens to Laken Riley or to others like her. They’re not part of whatever constituency the Democrats are now building.

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