Alabama A&M student injured after a shoot-out broke out in the stairwell of a campus building

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The authorities at Alabama A&M University confirmed that there was a shooting that took place on campus Monday afternoon. The incident reportedly took place at the Knight Complex West, according to WAFF.

Alabama A&M Police Chief Montrez Payton said an officer was in the process of carrying out a routine patrol of the Knight Complex on the fifth floor when he heard gunshots fired below him. The officer responded to the alarming sound and made contact with an individual in the stairwell.

During a press conference on Monday, Payton said: “Multiple shots were exchanged in that stairwell. An individual was hit multiple times. That individual was transported to Huntsville Hospital.”

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency confirmed that one student had been injured in the incident. The shooting reportedly took place as students were returning to campus following spring break.

The report mentioned that one student said this was not how he imagined his first day back.

“It surprised me. I was like we just got back from spring break and they already doing this. They shouldn’t be bringing this on campus. If they gonna fight, then they should just fight, they shouldn’t bring guns into it because that’s when it gets serious,” said the student, who has not been identified.

Another student said: “I’m hoping for a better experience. I don’t want no violence around at the school that I go to where I get my education. That ain’t right; that ain’t right at all.”

Payton mentioned that his department would deploy a larger police presence following the incident.

“As you know we had a situation last August, and so we had already been operating in that, and so we will continue to build those efforts and increase patrol so that students know they are safe.”

It is not certain what ignited the altercation in the first place. It is also not clear if the police officer who responded to the incident shot at the perpetrator. Reports confirmed that the officer was not injured in the incident.

“Unfortunately, we’re saddened by these occurrences, and also, these things are starting to become more frequent as we see in today’s climate,” Payton said, shortly after the shooting.

Payton did not mention if there was a known motive for the shooting. It is unclear whether someone was arrested following the incident.

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