Police say murderer recorded himself burning body of ‘con artist’ victim before getting his car stuck in California desert

Shocking videos showed what happened to a murder victim whose body was found in the California desert after his murderer got his car stuck in the sand.

The body of 30-year-old Aaron Chavez was found in the desert near Baker on the 15 freeway by two tow truck drivers in August. 30-year-old Gino Julian was sleeping in the car only 10 feet away from the body.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department arrested Julian and charged him with murder.

Text messages in the case were obtained by KLAS-TV and showed the two men arguing.

“If I’m touched you will be sued,” said Chavez to Julian.

“Dead men can’t sue,” responded Julian.

Other texts showed Julian communicating to a man named Stefan Jakubov about Chavez, according to Las Vegas Metro police.

“Break his face,” and “Delete our convos,” texted Jakubov.

“Where should I put on the show?” Julian texted to Jakubov. “Is there bleach or chlorine?”

Videos from the home of Chavez showed Julian yelling at Chavez to pay back money he allegedly owed to another person.

Other videos then show Julian tossing gasoline on what appears to be a body wrapped in blankets in the desert.

“What does it feel like to be disrespected? It sucks, right?” he said to himself on a video. “I almost feel sorry for him. What else did you think was gonna happen, you know?”

A medical examiner’s report found that Chavez died from blunt force trauma to the head. Police said they found a large pool of blood on the patio of the victim’s home.

Grand Jury transcripts show that Julian reportedly told police that Chavez had scammed money from a lot of people. KLAS spoke to a California man who claimed to have been scammed by Chavez out of $25,000 along with his business partner.

Other clients who lost money with Chavez connected with each other on social media. He portrayed himself as a wealthy entrepreneur on Instagram, where he recruited victims for the Ponzi scheme he ran.

“He put himself out there as a pretty successful guy,” said the man. He went on to say that Chavez took their money supposedly to invest in a protein cookie company.

“I was texting our group chat saying he’s gonna fake his death,” said the man.

Julia is in custody in the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas and is scheduled to be tried by a jury in May.

Here are the shocking videos:

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