The Morning Briefing: Now More Than Ever, the Left Is Terrified of Free Speech

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Rechmyrand felt that his haiku abilities were at an impasse ever since his unfortunate blowfish incident in Placencia. 


A frequent lament in recent years is that the Democrats are no longer coy about their disdain for constitutional freedoms. They used to put on a show, pretending to be champions of free speech and swearing that they didn’t want to take our guns. Biden era leftists have abandoned all pretense and now sneer at freedoms that many of us hold dear. 

After they leveraged COVID panic to help usher Team Biden into the Oval Office it almost seems that they got tired of carrying on the fiction. Biden’s puppet masters have been flying one freak flag after another since January 2021. 

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is Joe Biden’s legacy on the court, and she is, politely put, a real piece of work. During her confirmation hearing, she infamously said that she could not define what a woman is because she’s “not a biologist.” At the end of last month, Justice Jackson said that guns with bump stocks could shoot 800 rounds per second, which my friend Stephen Green wrote about

The good judge seems to forever be in “Hold my beer,” mode with herself, and came up with a real humdinger yesterday, which Matt covered for us:

“So my biggest concern is that your view has the First Amendment hamstringing the government in significant ways in the most important time periods,” she told Louisiana Solicitor General Benjamin Aguiñaga. “I mean, what would — what would you have the government do? I’ve heard you say a couple of times that the government can post its own speech, but in my hypothetical, you know, ‘Kids, this is not safe, don’t do it,’ is not going to get it done.”


There’s more, but the gist of it is that Justice Jackson is upset that the pesky First Amendment is getting in the way of the government censoring things willy-nilly. 

This all gets back to the Democrats’ disinformation fairy tale. They would prefer to be able to label any truths that interfere with their false narratives as disinformation and to lean on social media platforms to censor conservatives. Traditional media is already doing their bidding, so they don’t need any help there. Dems are also nervous about not having Twitter/X in their pockets anymore. 

Relevant: MSNBC Legal Lunatic Frets Over America’s ‘Deep Commitment to Free Speech’

The casual disregard for the Constitution is pervasive in the Democratic Party. However, it’s one thing to hear a random congressperson complaining about the First Amendment, and another entirely to hear a member of the Supreme Court who doesn’t like the fact that the Bill of Rights does exactly what it’s intended to do. That’s some real “Twilight Zone” stuff there. 

Justice Jackson has seemed out of her depth at times, but her remarks on the First Amendment were calculated and intentional. American leftists really do find the First Amendment to be cumbersome, at least if it is evenly applied. Of course they would prefer to be able to say whatever they want but shut up people like me. 

They’re getting closer to achieving their New World Order dystopia with every election. 


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