WATCH: Biden’s Special Geriatric Shoes Now Promoted on Corporate State Media

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We’ve all seen an elderly family member with the Velcro, no-slip shoes designed to prevent a potentially fatal hip fracture on the wet kitchen floor.

I never would have guessed the commander-in-chief would be stomping around in them.


For all we know, these special and empowering shoes prevented a catastrophic slip-and-fall the other day in rainy Michigan, as the alleged president got lost in the rain.

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There’s even a brand name — Hoka — getting in on the promotional action. It’s unclear what business relationship Hoka has with the White House, but even the possibility of a partnership between Biden’s handlers and Hoka regarding product placement is a bridge beyond surreal.

Via The Independent (emphasis added):

President Joe Biden has been spotted wearing “maximum stability” sneakers believed to be designed to prevent the wearer from falling — with his latest fashion statement raising eyebrows on social media.

The president was recently seen stepping off Marine One in “lifestyle sneakers” designed by the shoe brand Hoka, according to an Inside Edition report.

The “Hoka Transport” shoe has a “wide sole” that is “no doubt great for stability”, the report said, adding that they are “designed for maximum comfort and support while walking or hiking”.

While the president does have a history of trips and falls, the shoe is also touted for benefits including comfort with the feeling of “walking on air”.

But, Mr Biden’s choice of shoe has raised some eyebrows on social media amid ongoing concerns over his age and cognitive ability. A recent ABC News/Ipsos poll found that 86 per cent of Americans believe that he is too old for another term.


It’s unclear why the Brandon entity’s handlers would ever think that touting his wearing of geriatric shoes because he can barely walk would do anything to assuage this 86% of Americans’ concerns about his vitality.

But here we are.

It’s virtually unimaginable that a corporate state media production like Inside Edition would ever run the segment below without the blessing, if tacit, of the White House, so what’s going on here narrative-control-wise is, again, opaque.

The talking point emerging regarding Brandon’s inability to walk is that he has something called “sensory peripheral neuropathy,” a condition much less serious than something like dementia but that serves as a plausible explanation.

Continuing via The Independent:

It was revealed last month that Mr Biden suffers from sensory peripheral neuropathy, which causes nerve damage to a person’s foot.

The diagnosis comes after the president has had multiple public stumbles, falls and near misses.

Last month, he almost took a tumble when he climbed the stairs to board Air Force One. That time, the president was able to catch himself on the handrail before continuing his climb.

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