CNN host snaps when Kevin O’Leary points out why Trump civil fraud ruling is ‘absolutely horrific’: ‘Hold on a second’

CNN anchor Laura Coates snapped at businessman Kevin O’Leary on Monday for insisting that Donald Trump is being treated unfairly.

On Monday, Trump’s attorneys revealed the former president is unable to post the nearly half-billion dollars required of him to appeal the New York civil fraud ruling against him. New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) — who campaigned on targeting Trump — has repeatedly threatened to seize Trump’s assets if he does not pay the outrageous fine.

Such a message, O’Leary told Coates, is “horrible” and uniquely anti-American.

“What a great message to send out all around the world. Take a claim where there was no money is lost. There was no fraud here in the context of actually people losing money. Deutsche Bank, who made the loan, was made whole,” O’Leary said.

“Great message for New York. Great message for America,” he mocked. “I think that was a statement that would be much better made sometime in Venezuela. I’m not kidding. That’s a scary, scary message.”

He continued, “There are no half a billion-dollar bonds. Never been done before. Never. This law has never been applied. Forget about Trump. Nothing to do with Trump. Everything to do about America and the New York brand. I love this state. My children live here. A horrible message to everybody around the world watching this. Absolutely horrific.”

O’Leary wasn’t finished making his point, which was that James has not considered the long-term ramifications of targeting Trump. But Coates decided that O’Leary was done, and she began interrupting him.

“Wait, Kevin. Kevin, hold on a second,” Coates interrupted. “Hold on a second.”

But O’Leary continued speaking and tried to finish his idea, leading Coates to declare, “I have a wonderful voice, and it won’t be talked over!”

“What are you doing?” she then asked him.

“It’s not America, but it is the ‘Laura Coates Live’ show, and I am speaking. So, that will be the rule. Not Venezuela,” Coates continued. “It’s ‘Laura Coates Live.’ And hello, my name is Laura Coates.”

O’Leary has been a staunch critic of the ruling against Trump, famously declaring that he will never conduct business in New York again because of it.

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