DELUSIONAL: Rep. Ted Lieu Says the Best Way to Avoid Fake News is to Watch MSNBC (VIDEO)


Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) recently appeared on the Ali Velshi show on MSNBC and claimed that the best way for people to avoid fake news is to watch MSNBC. He actually said this with a straight face and seemed to mean it.

This is the same network that pushed the Russia collusion hoax and every other imaginable anti-Trump conspiracy theory for the last six years.

What Ted Lieu is really saying here is that he agrees with all of the completely insane commentary on this clown-show network.

Watch below:

People on Twitter/X were quick to respond:

MSNBC has never met an anti-Trump conspiracy theory that they didn’t love and immediately report on the air.

And Ted Lieu is praising them for it. What does that tell you about him?

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