Let’s Play Chicken: The Battle Against Woke Tyson Foods Is On

Less than one week after Tyson Foods decided to sack 1,200 Americans from a plant in Perry, Iowa, and look to hire 42,000 illegal immigrants, the backlash has begun.


Bill Flaig, CEO and co-founder of the multi-million-dollar American Conservative Values Fund (ACVF), reported to the UK’s Daily Mail that he has divested from the chicken giant and won’t be buying more in the future. “Not only weren’t they smart enough to stay apolitical, they picked the wrong side,” Flaig declared.

Tyson Foods announced the closure of the pork plant and the loss of 1,276 jobs in a town of roughly 8,000 people. Tyson claims it already employs 42,000 “immigrants.” In total, the company employs roughly 120,000, meaning more than 1/3 of their workers are not American citizens.

“We do not want to give the companies that are eagerly working to destroy conservative values our hard-earned investment dollars, and neither should you,” ACVF president and cofounder Tom Carter quipped to The Daily Mail.

FACT-O-RAMA! Bud Light’s parent company lost $15.7 billion in value after conservatives boycotted the beer over their trans flap.

“Hopefully the examples of Target and Bud Light reinforce the need for liberal corporate managers to focus on maximizing shareholder returns and stop playing politics,” Carter added. “Go woke go broke is real.”

This isn’t ACVF’s first tango with wokesters. The fund scrapped its shares of Target and hoisted the company onto its “do not buy” list in May of 2023. They also bailed on Walmart, Apple, Netflix, Pfizer, Disney, and Nike amongst other woke stalwarts. 

FACT-O-RAMA! Target was caught selling “tuck-friendly” clothing for young boys who decided they were girls.

Some of the perks Tyson offers to immigrant workers are $16.50 per hour and immigration lawyers to help them with their legal situations.


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Conservative consumers who successfully thwacked Bud Light after their “trans on our cans” fiasco have set their sights on Tyson and its roughly three dozen other brands.

Tyson released a statement denying that they are firing Americans to replace them with illegal immigrants.

In recent days, there has been a lot of misinformation in the media about our company, and we feel compelled to set the record straight. Any insinuation that we would cut American jobs to hire immigrant workers is completely false.

Their website also states they currently have 651 job openings nationwide.

Tyson Foods was hit with federal charges in 2003 involving the company allegedly sneaking illegal immigrants into the U.S. and giving them phony documents that allowed them to work at their food processing plants. One manager killed himself. Tyson argued that any infractions of the law were committed by “rogue managers.” The jury agreed and the company was acquitted.

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