New Trump Hoax Just Dropped: Jared Kushner Wants to Build Luxury Apartments in Gaza

Apparently, the mainstream media is incapable of learning when it comes to their raging hatred of Donald J. Trump and anyone who associates with him.

X account Occupy Democrats, in a shameless jump from screaming and crying about Trump claiming there would be a “bloodbath” in November if he’s not elected even though he was talking about cars, decided to go after Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. They claimed Kushner was “publicly salivating over the ‘very valuable’ potential of ‘waterfront property’ in Gaza — where a bloody, devastating war is being waged.”


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Supposedly, Kushner was in an interview with Harvard University about the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, when he said he wanted to help redevelop Gaza once Israel wipes out Hamas for good. Except the natives would be permanently displaced and there would be fancy new luxury condos on waterfront property.

Or something.

“This is what MAGA really represents at the end of the day. Beneath all of Trump’s fascistic rhetoric and his racism, his movement is all about making more money for the super rich,” Occupy Democrats claimed breathlessly, evidently trying to stuff all the anti-Trump buzzwords into their tweets necessary to meet a quota.

Occupy Democrats do realize X isn’t really designed for long-winded melodrama about Le Bad Orange Man, right? Anyway, just like the “bloodbath” comment made by Trump, there was context missing. Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik posted the full interview, claiming Kushner’s comments were selectively edited.


“In the full version it’s clear he said he believes Gaza could have been valuable for *Palestinians* and that his proposal for civilians in Rafah is a temporary safe zone in the Negev as Israel continues its operation to free the hostages, which include American citizens, and eliminate terrorist infrastructure,” said Raichik in her response.

I know not all of MAGA and the right are fans of Jared Kushner, but again, it’s only been three days since the left was losing their minds (more than usual) over Donald Trump using the word “bloodbath.” But the fact that the Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers are hopping on to the most blatant falsehoods, skipping from “Donald Trump is calling for a bloodbath in November!!!” to “Jared Kushner wants to turn Gaza into luxury apartments!!!” without skipping a beat means they are catching on to the fact that their constant shrieking is starting to no longer work. So, they just increase the frequency.


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What are your bets they’ll say something about Trump eating babies here soon enough?

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