The Morning Briefing: Trump Suing Stephanopoulos Is Just the Pick-Me-Up My Week Needed

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Dillabrais had a visceral dislike for what he thought was the unnecessary fussiness that capers brought to the bagel experience. 


They great thing about weirdness is that it’s flexible: you can get a dose of good weird, or bad weird. Spend enough time on a Mexican beach and you’re almost guaranteed to get heavy doses of both. That is a long story for another day. Actually, it’s two long stories. 

I did not expect more odd legal news about former President Donald Trump to bring the good stuff but, hey, the guy is full of surprises. 

Trump’s problems with the media are legendary. If history is ever once again written truthfully, the media’s treatment of him will be recorded as a dark chapter. He has often referred to members of the leftmedia as “the enemy of the people,” which is by far the most accurate description of that mob that I’ve ever heard. 

Now Trump is going after one of the most irritating talking heads at the Big Three networks. Matt wrote about it yesterday:

During a recent interview with Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) on ABC’s “This Week,” host George Stephanopoulos repeatedly tried to shame her for endorsing Donald Trump for president, claiming that “two separate juries have found him liable for rape and for defaming a victim of that rape.”

Stephanopoulos was essentially trying to shame Mace, a victim of rape, for supporting Donald Trump. There was just one big problem: Trump has not been found legally liable for rape. But that didn’t stop Stephanopoulos from claiming over and over that he was, and now Trump is suing ABC News and George Stephanopoulos for defamation. 


Stephanopoulos is always awful, but this particular interview was a real cringe-fest. When I wrote about it in the Briefing after it happened, I said that he was mansplaining to Rep. Mace how she should feel about being a victim of rape. Even worse, he was doing it in an insistent and condescending manner, which is kind of his shtick. Mace shut him down pretty good, but he remained clueless as to how far over the line that he’d stepped. 

There has been a revolving door between Swamp types in presidential administrations and the major broadcast news outlets since television first started getting popular. The door revolves a lot more quickly and frequently for Democrats, of course, and that’s how Georgie got his first shot when his days as the boy wonder in the Clinton administration were over. 

In a business filled with tedious and biased propagandists, George Stephanopoulos has been one of the most annoying. Because I’m cursed with the ability to remember things that will never do me much good, I recall a Stephanopoulos lowbrow moment from a 2012 Republican primary debate (yes, it’s a sickness). He asked Mitt Romney if he was going to ban contraception if he became president. It was a popular slam on Romney that the Dems and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media were using that year.

It also had no basis in reality. 

The question was so bad that the debate audience booed Stephanopoulos. He was committed to keeping the false narrative in play, however, so he pressed on until Romney graciously dismissed it. 


A little less graciousness might have gotten Romney more votes in that election. 

Which brings me back to Trump. 

I don’t write about legal things much, so I don’t know how much heft this lawsuit has. It is good to remind people that Stephanopoulos is a prevaricating schmuck, though. It’ll be interesting to see if other MSM hacks rally around and try to defend him or if they’ll stay away in case Trump finds more money in his legal fund to spend on them. 

It’s also good to see Trump doing some of the punching in a legal battle for once, even if it ultimately goes nowhere. 

If the lawsuit does get any traction, I will continue to take one for the team and keep writing columns in which I repeatedly have to type out “Stephanopoulos.” 

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