Biden Administration Relying Heavily on Left Wing Social Media Influencers Who Pushed the False ‘Bloodbath’ Narrative


The ‘bloodbath’ hoax that completely consumed the media for a week-long news cycle did not happen by accident.

The Biden administration is relying on progressive social media influencers who deceptively edited the clip of Trump’s remarks and pushed out the message which was then picked up by the press and even the Biden White House.

It’s a coordinated smear campaign machine.

Breitbart News reports:

Report: Biden Administration Relying on Democrat ‘Influencers’ Who Created ‘Bloodbath’ Hoax

Democrat social media “influencers” affiliated with the White House created the “bloodbath” hoax — the misleading claim that former President Donald Trump called for a “bloodbath” of political violence if he is not elected, according to a report.

“Acyn,” an anonymous senior digital editor for the activist liberal news site, first made a video clip of Trump’s speech from Ohio, in which the former president warned of an economic bloodbath for the United States auto industry due to Chinese manufacturing.

However, instead of showing Trump’s full remarks, they were presented out of context to suggest that Trump was referring to political violence if he is not elected…

According to the report, the Biden White House has embraced Acyn and other social media influencers pushing out misleading content about Trump, even inviting Acyn and his boss, Ron Filipkowski, and other social media influencers such as Aaron Rupar, to “talk strategy” before the State of the Union.

This is an example:

Here’s an official Biden/Harris account picking up the ball and running with it:

Aaron Rupar, who is mentioned in the report, is so notorious for this type of activity that he has an entry named for him in the Urban Dictionary:


A lying sack of shit who deceives people for a living, in the name of his political ideology. Every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie

The game has been exposed.

Expect these dishonest people to continue this type of activity from now until November.

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