Colombian had images on phone of ‘people being tortured’: US Border Patrol chief

U.S. Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens reported that authorities arrested an individual trying to unlawfully enter the country and that they found images on the man’s phone of “people being tortured.”

“3/14: USBP in El Paso, TX arrested a Colombian attempting to enter the country illegally. Agents searched the subject & found photos of people being tortured on his phone. He also had specific tattoos indicative of gang membership (Clan del Golfo),” the tweet states.

Bill Melugin of Fox News shared the post, writing, “Sounds like a lovely guy.”

“Secretary Mayorkas and President Biden’s catch-and-release schemes have emboldened criminals like this to cross our Southwest border. It’s terrifying to think how many more dangerous gang members are crossing undetected,” GOP Rep. Mark Green of Tennessee said in a tweet.

More than three dozen House Republicans have signed onto a letter urging colleagues to leverage the power of the purse to fight for border security and against the “radical politicization” of the Pentagon.

“Is there a point at which we will refuse to let this happen on our watch, or is there no threshold of harm to our nation for which we would refuse to fund the government perpetrating the invasion?” the letter states. “The House must put forth an appropriations measure that forces the inclusion of the core elements of H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act, ends funding of trafficking, and prohibits non-citizens from voting in federal elections, otherwise Republicans will be actively funding Biden’s ‘open borders’ policies,” the letter notes.

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