Unexpected warning: Glenn Beck’s startling interview with Ken Paxton

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is well aware of the challenges facing America, and after an unexpected exchange, he’s left Glenn Beck with some concerning insights to chew on.

“He didn’t give me calming advice,” Glenn tells Stu Burguiere, relaying that Paxton told him, “If you don’t have a rule of law, if you have a court system or a country that says you cannot protect your own people, then you don’t have a constitutional republic any more.”

“And we’re back to the Declaration of Independence and requiring people to stand up for it,” Glenn says.

“I walked away from that interview feeling as though that was a historic comment.”

That comment being that Texans are being told they’ll have to stand up for the Declaration of Independence.

“That shows we are way down the road, way down the road in unsafe territories,” Glenn says.

While both Glenn and Stu don’t believe that Paxton was forewarning of civil war, they are concerned by his comments.

“I don’t think Ken Paxton is calling for something like that,” Stu tells Glenn.

“He mentioned just standing up and fighting. Look, we all stand up, stand up every day to argue on behalf of the Declaration of Independence in the Constitution.”

However, Stu says, it’s “just a couple of people really standing in the way now of losing our republic.”

“The Constitution is hanging by a thread, and we’re in a scissors factory. And the guy rushing to save it is Edward Scissorhands,” Glenn says.

“We’re not really in a stable place.”

To learn more, watch the clip below.

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