WHERE in the world is Kate Middleton?

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If there’s one thing we can all collectively agree on, it’s that we want this question answered: where is the princess of Wales?

Not only that, but where has she been these last four months? And what’s she been doing during this alleged hiatus from her royal duties?

BlazeTV contributor Jill Savage reviews Kate’s mysterious timeline, starting in December when she was last seen.

  • “We’ll go back to Christmas day because that’s where she was last seen at a Christmas service with her family.”
  • “We jump ahead to January 16 [when] Kate Middleton had abdominal surgery. We were notified of that surgery on the 17.”
  • “Two hours after we heard that Kate Middleton had the abdominal surgery, we were told that King Charles was going to need to seek treatment for an enlarged prostate.”
  • “On January 29, Kate is sent home to recover. We were told that she wouldn’t be seen until after Easter.”

Up until this point, people were buying into the reports, but then things started smelling fishy.

  • “On February 2, the palace was forced to deny that Kate was in a coma. A Spanish tabloid said that she was in a coma, and the palace said that was total nonsense, and they were totally made-up rumors.”
  • “February 27 … Prince William backed out of his godfather’s memorial 30 minutes before it was to begin, citing personal reasons.”

This is about the time people started to wonder, “Why haven’t we seen Kate Middleton in quite some time?” says Jill.

  • “On March 4, we get the first photo of Kate — or what they say is supposed to be Kate — in the car with her mother.”

But there was something funny about the photo. “People were wondering, ‘Why is Kate’s face a little bit enlarged?’ and ‘maybe it was due to the surgeries,”’ Jill explains, noting that at this point in time, people were growing in skepticism but “still okay.”

But just six days later, suddenly things were far from okay.

  • “March 10, U.K. Mother’s Day, Kate Middleton put this photo out on her Instagram.”

“The internet is undefeated. It found 16 different reasons why this photo was doctored. … We quickly found out that this was the face of [Kate] from the Vogue cover shoot,” says Jill, adding that people found other inaccuracies, including “Charlotte having different shoes.”

  • This “made the palace a little upset. So, Kate Middleton on March 11 … had to admit to photoshopping and retouching. She said, ‘Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I want to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope that everyone celebrating has a happy Mother’s Day.”’

Kate’s message, however, “goes against a longstanding royal tradition of ‘never explain and never complain,”’ says Jill.

  • “Later that day [March 11], they release another car photo. Kate and William are supposed to be in the car together, but again, her head is turned away,” but “as soon as you look at the bricks inside the car and the bricks outside the car, you can again tell this is a photoshopped image,” despite the assertion from the photographer that “nothing has been” edited, save cropping and lighting adjustments.
  • “Then we get to March 18 — ‘the video.’ A British tabloid put out a video of what was said to be Kate and William shopping from over the weekend at a farm stand. Kate is seen in yoga pants, and days earlier, we were told that she was still going to be recovering from surgery and she wouldn’t be making any appearances” even though “Kate was supposed to be honored at a St Patrick’s Day parade.”

“So, she could skip [the parade], but she could walk around this farm stand instead?” asks Jill skeptically. “You’re telling me that the woman that gave birth and one day later put on a dress and heels and marched the air out onto the front steps can’t be seen publicly, and when she can be, it’s finally in yoga pants?”

“That just doesn’t add up.”

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