Georgetown Law Students Reference IDF Murders in Support of Palestinians

We all know there are a lot of dumb college kids out there siding with Gaza in the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel without really understanding it. Many of them literally do not know what river and what sea the notorious “from the river to the sea” chant associated with Hamas references, and few could actually describe the history of the conflict with any certainty.


But something tells me this group of Georgetown Law students knows exactly what it is doing. Rachel Jessica Wolff, president of Georgetown’s Federalist Society, recently posted pictures of pro-Palestinian students crashing and disrupting the Society’s meetings, presumably spouting the usual antisemitic, anti-Zionist propaganda.

Creepily, however, they did so with their hands painted to look like bloody palms in an apparent reference to the 2000 murders of IDF reservists Yossi Avrahami and Vadim Nurzhitz.

As my friend Robert Spencer described not too long ago, Avrahami and Nurzhitz mistakenly entered the city of Ramallah in October of 2000 and a lynch mob almost immediately set upon them and violently murdered and mutilated the two.

One of the perpetrators, Aziz Salha, said he “saw that my hands were drenched with blood, and so was my shirt. So I went over to the window and I waved my hands at the people who were in the courtyard.”

During the Oscars, several celebrities, including Mark Ruffalo, Billie Eilish, and Ramy Youssef, wore pins in support of ending the conflict; the logo took the form of a red hand with a small black heart in the middle, which only reminded Israelis of the 2000 murders of Avrahami and Nurzhitz.


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As Spencer noted, it is likely the celebrities did not intend to remind Israel of the murders and were simply virtue-signaling, but something tells me that the Georgetown students know exactly what they are doing and could arguably be sending subtle death threats to members of the school’s Federalist Society.

But should we really be surprised at this? With the polarization from the Israel-Hamas war, the most vile and extreme antisemites are all but allowed to openly preach against the Jewish people in a way that would make Hitler and the Nazis look tolerant.

Spencer wrote a few days ago, on the International Day to Combat Islamophobia, about Imam Kablawi and Imam Zindani, who openly spoke in their mosques about the destruction of the Jews and Israel here in the U.S.

Like he said, imagine if a Christian preacher or rabbi said something like that about Muslims.

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