Gold industry insider Chris Olson discusses the RISE in gold and silver prices with Mike Adams

Gold industry insider Chris Olson discusses the RISE in gold and silver prices with Mike Adams

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– Gold and silver prices have recently surged, with gold briefly hitting $2,180 before settling at $2,178. (UPDATE: Now over $2200 per ounce.)

– Chris Olson, CEO of Treasure Island Coins and Precious Metals, attributes the price movement to a convergence of factors, including interest rates, central bank gold reserves accumulation and de-dollarization.

– Gold prices are not as expensive today compared to its historical prices.

– Bullion supplies in America have been fully replenished, and retail demand has been flat for six months, meaning premiums on precious metals are relatively low.

Gold industry insider Chris Olson joined the Health Ranger Mike Adams on “Health Ranger Report” to discuss the recent surge in the prices of gold and silver.

Adams began by saying that there hasn’t been a lot of movement in gold and silver prices until the past few weeks – with their prices skyrocketing. Gold had briefly hit $2,180 before settling at $2,178, he mentioned. However, the price of the yellow metal is headed to the $2,200 breakthrough realm.

He asked Olson about the possible cause of this price movement. The analyst replied that there are a lot of different things converging together all at the same time, and all of these are causing the spike in prices. (Related: Gold, silver and bitcoin SOAR as U.S. empire nears final currency COLLAPSE.)

“We’ve had interest rates high for a very long time. And people are not sure, economists are not sure whether we’re going to have a soft landing or a hard landing,” said Olson, the CEO of Treasure Island Coins and Precious Metals. “There’s some talk of cutting rates. And some people want to attribute that idea to why the price of gold is getting strong. Because supposedly people are expecting rates to go down and that’s going to be strong for gold.”

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“Gold did so well because typically, gold is heavily affected by interest rates as well as high prices in equities. [They] tend to push the price of gold down, but not the case here. Over the last 18 months, gold has performed incredibly well in the face of these headwinds,” he continued. “Most commentators are attributing that to the overall ongoing process of de-dollarization, and the fact that de-dollarization is a replenishing of central bank gold reserves.”

Adams commented on Olson’s last point about the accumulation of gold by central banks, especially the People’s Bank of China. This appears to coincide with Russia’s announcement of a BRICS alternative currency settlement system. While this system is going to be partially backed by gold, the actual mechanism will likely be a blockchain-based mechanism.

“It’s going to be backed by real commodities. Gold will be one of them, energy might be involved in the mix. It’s not clear yet, but Russia is pushing to bring as many countries online by the end of this year as possible. It appears to be a real threat to the dollar or global dollar dominance,” explained the Natural News and founder.

New highs in gold are just a notional number

However, Olson noted that people should keep in mind that these new highs in gold are just a notional number.

Adams then commented that gold isn’t as expensive today when compared to its prices through the years. He also mentioned that the gold and silver supply at present appears to be in pretty good shape, asking Olson if his assessment is correct.

Olson replied in the affirmative, saying that bullion supplies in America have been fully replenished and premiums are currently down. He also mentioned that retail demand has been down for six months. “Apart from the high price in gold – which is not a high price – when you look back and think about it, it’s a great time to buy gold and silver. Especially because the premiums on silver are rock bottom compared to where they have been over the last four years.”

Olson added that the price of silver has not followed gold on its way up. The Treasure Island CEO said it really is good to buy silver today as it is cheaper compared to 202o or 2021. Back then, premiums for the white metal were incredibly high due to the record-breaking demand and lack of supply.

Watch the full conversation between Chris Olson and the Health Ranger Mike Adams below.

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