‘Is this right-wing?’ Elon Musk characterizes his views as ‘centrist’

In a post on X, business tycoon Elon Musk listed his views on several issues and described them as “centrist.”

“This is a battle to the death with the anti-civilizational woke mind virus,” Musk wrote before listing his positions, which include support for “Secure borders” and “safe & clean cities.”

He also expressed opposition to racism and excessive government spending and measures that would sterilize youth, writing, “Don’t bankrupt America with spending,” “Racism against any race is wrong,” and, “No sterilization below age of consent.”

He then asked, “Is this right-wing?”

“It is now,” Kurt Schlichter wrote in response.

GOP Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas responded to Musk, writing, “All eminently common sense. And, just a few years ago, used to be a bipartisan consensus.”

“The battle to the death is right. Meanwhile, many in the @HouseGOP are going to vote TOMORROW to fully fund the continuation of open borders and mass release of dangerous criminals. The Republicans who vote for this FULLY own it,” GOP Rep. Chip Roy of Texas tweeted.

Musk agreed with someone who wrote, “Elon Musk may think his positions are centrist but they’re definitely to the right of center as far as people to the left are concerned. So while Elon’s positions haven’t really changed dramatically over the years the extremes have. And the leftist extreme has gone nuclear.”

In another post, Musk added, “Although it shouldn’t need to said, I believe in the Constitution and freedom of speech.”

In a post last year, Musk opined that “the real fight is not between right and left, but rather between humanists and extinctionists.”

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