Organized migrant gangs now targeting luxury homes in Los Angeles, Scottsdale

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– Latin American gangs are targeting upscale residences in Southern California and Scottsdale, Arizona.

– Los Angeles Police Department Chief Dominic Choi reports a significant increase in burglaries from organized groups operating outside the country.

– Some of these gangs may be exploiting the 2014 visa waiver program to conduct heists.

– Burglars avoid using firearms and instead use jamming devices to disable home security systems.

– Police are having to come up with a more proactive response to protect the affluent from these organized and often transnational burglary gangs.

The rich spend a lot of time and money trying to distance themselves as far away from the poor as possible in order to protect their lavish lifestyles. But as America descends into lawlessness due to many decades’ worth of corruption, both financially and otherwise, the rich are seeing the poor go after their often-ill-gotten wealth with a vengeance.

The latest culprits are Latin American gangs that are reportedly targeting upscale residences throughout Southern California, as well as in the wealthy enclave of Scottsdale, Ariz., an upper crust suburb of Phoenix.

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Chief Dominic Choi says burglaries in LA are rising as organized groups, many of them operating at a distance from places like Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, target the wealthiest neighborhoods for theft.

“I can tell you that we have a significant increase in burglaries from organized groups that are outside this country, that are coming into the country, and they are targeting high-end residents,” Choi said.

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Some of these organized gangs are believed to be exploiting the 2014 visa waiver program to conduct these heists, said program allowing foreigners to travel to the U.S. for tourism or business without a visa requirement.

According to Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton, these burglars avoid using firearms to avoid potential gun charges, instead relying on elaborate jamming devices to interfere with or disable home security systems.

“They sometimes carry jamming devices to disable home security systems,” Hamilton commented about the matter.

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Over in Scottsdale, local police are reporting similar trends, describing what the gangs often do as “dinner-time burglaries”

Three individuals were recently arrested after being caught engaging in what media reports are now describing as exceptionally professional and strategic burglary plots that involve a high level of planning and sophistication. These are not mere smash-and-grab operations, in other words.

Many of these burglars are operating interstate, including both in Arizona and California. Area residents are scared, they say, and are now desperately trying to upgrade their home security systems to feel safer.

“I’m from Chicago, and that’s, like, a crime city,” complained Scottsdale resident Dwayne Staten. “I came here looking for tranquility and no crime. I just bought this new alarm system and I didn’t think I needed it. I’m at the top of the mountain.”

Being at the top of the mountain no longer ensures a safe and secure existence from everyone down below, though. Staten and others like him are realizing that peace and security have left the building, no matter what the upper crust does to try to insulate itself from the unfolding collapse of this nation gone wrong.

Police both in LA and Scottsdale say they are having to come up with a more proactive response to protect the affluent from these organized and often transnational burglary gangs, which exist in many other cities and states across America besides just California and Arizona.

“It’s a big deal,” said Scottsdale Police Chief Jeff Walther in a recent press conference. “It’s impacting Scottsdale. It’s impacting the valley. It’s impacting the state. It’s impacting the country.”

Because of the high level of sophistication of these burglary gangs, as well as the precise coordination of their various criminal networks, law enforcement is experiencing great difficulties getting a grip on the situation as they desperately try to stop it.

As the gap between rich and poor continues to widen in America, and throughout the world at large, increasing lawlessness will naturally fill that void. Find out more at

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