Revealed: Liz Cheney’s secret J6 committee plan

The January 6th committee has been used to push an anti-Trump agenda for years now, and Liz Cheney is leading the attack.

“They keep lying, and it’s really intended to intimidate most honest, law-abiding Trump supporters,” Levin says, adding, “or let me put it this way — Biden opponents.”

Cheney embraced her role in the committee, Levin believes, because “she disagreed with Trump on foreign policy.”

“I have disagreements with people. Doesn’t mean I want to send them to prison. But that’s not the mindset of people like her,” Levin explains, noting that the committee has gone as far as hiding evidence that would benefit the former President.

“Liz Cheney has never answered for it,” he says, adding, “They have nothing. Not one syllable anywhere of proof that Donald Trump did anything so they have to concoct it, manufacture it, fictionalize it.”

While the committee claimed in its report that there’s no evidence that Donald Trump actually offered or ordered the National Guard, it failed to mention that the president does not “order” the National Guard, he offers it to a mayor.

Not only that, but the former chief of staff to the secretary of defense, Kash Patel, says Trump did offer the support of the National Guard.

He was never called as a witness but Cassidy Hutchinson was.

As a key witness, Hutchinson testified differently the first two or three times before meeting with Cheney and firing her lawyers. She then hired lawyers suggested by Cheney and had a video taken of her and her testimony.

She’s since been sued for libel by Tony Bobulinski.

“It’s a complete setup folks. It’s so horrendous, and the media are in on it,” Levin says.

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