WATCH: Massive swarm of illegal immigrants attacks Texas National Guard

After recent video footage from the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas, it’s become clear that America truly is being invaded.

The footage shows a swarm of over 100 illegal immigrants using force to overpower National Guard soldiers. The immigrants broke through razor wire and knocked down guards as they flooded into America.

While the Biden administration continues to claim that the border is secure, this footage has become proof that it’s anything but.

Pat Gray and Keith Malinak are rightfully outraged, especially considering the migrants have been sold the idea that they won’t face repercussions because of this administration’s policies.

“If you’re an illegal alien and your goal is to get into this country, hell or high water, why would you not expect to just be able to barrel through? What has been demonstrated that you’re going to be stopped?” Malinak says.

While media outlets continue to call these people “migrants,” Gray doesn’t believe that’s right.

“If you’re a migrant, you came here legally,” he says.

“These are illegal aliens who don’t respect or care about our country or its people. They don’t care. They’re in it for them, and I guess we’re supposed to be okay with that,” he adds.

To see the footage, watch the clip below.

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