Nancy Pelosi’s Son Gets Off Scot-Free (Again) for Money and Mail Fraud

Another day, another Democrat or Democrat-approved person suffers no consequences for their actions.

Paul Pelosi Jr., son of Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Paul Pelosi Sr., was linked to two individuals, Bill Garlock and Gina Rodriguez, who were involved in financial schemes related to a flophouse in San Francisco’s Mission District Paul Jr. supposedly owned. Apparently, there is paperwork showing Jr. bribing people for building permits around the area, as the Daily Mail reported.


Garlock and Rodriguez would supposedly scam people by promising real estate developments, getting investors to send them a total of over $1 million. Paul Pelosi Jr. was listed as the selling realtor in a lot of transaction documents and was evidently friends with Garlock and Rodriguez, and had a relationship with the flophouse’s original owner, Karena Feng, who sued Paul Jr. in 2019 since he was supposedly involved in helping Garlock and Rodriguez scam Feng out of the flophouse.


Also, did you know this is the SEVENTH time Paul Pelosi Jr. has been tied to federal crimes?

Back in 2022, the New York Post described how Jr. was apparently hired by five different companies the feds were investigating for fraud such as InfoUSA back in 2007. InfoUSA was founded by big-name Clinton donor Vin Gupta. The company was probed for fraud, but the case was settled.

Later in 2010, Paul Jr. co-founded Natural Blue Resources, an investment firm centered around aquifers and water harvesting that the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) was probing because it might have been secretly run by two convicted fraudsters. However, Paul Jr. testified against the two and was ruled to never have a “meaningful role” in some of the key transactions.


I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but a phrase about “honor among thieves” comes to mind, namely that there is none.

Other companies probed by the feds for fraud Paul Pelosi Jr. was involved in include FOGFuels; Targeted Medical Pharma, investigated for unauthorized testing of drugs on people’ Corporate Governance Initiative, where he developed ties to fraudster Asa Saint Clair; and lithium mining company Oroplata, where Paul Jr. bought shares for $2,800 a pop when they were worth millions. 

And not once was Paul Pelosi Jr. ever charged with anything or accused.

If this was Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump, not only would they be sitting in Club Leavenworth by now, but they would be national news for months on end.

But because it’s the son of Nancy Pelosi, you don’t hear a peep about it except from sites like us here at PJ Media. The bizarre story involving Paul Pelosi Sr. fighting over a hammer with some weird Canadian nudist guy got buried so fast and so thoroughly it’s easy to forget it was in November 2022, which feels like ages ago now.

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