Alex Jones apologizes for calling Glenn Beck a CIA agent: ‘I was probably drunk’

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Alex Jones has been right about a lot, but there’s one thing he was definitely wrong about.

Years ago, the “InfoWars” host accused Glenn Beck of being a CIA agent, but in a recent interview on “Pat Gray Unleashed,” Jones apologized for the incident and admitted that he “was probably drunk” when he said it.

He went on to thank Glenn for his work over the years exposing the plans of the dubious global elites.

“I think Glenn Beck’s done some of the best work ever done. Exposing the Soros and the New World Order and the globalists … and I know he got run out of Fox because he wouldn’t back down,” Jones said to Gray.

“I think he’s one of the best commentators out there; I love him,” Jones continued, adding, “I have no animus against Glenn. I’m so glad he’s on air. I’m so glad he’s more popular than ever, and that’s where I stand.”

“I just do not want to fight with Glenn because he’s doing a great job,” he added.

Jones has previously apologized personally to Glenn, and Glenn gave him a peace offering.

“I actually gave him one of my paintings,” Glenn reveals, adding that he’s happy to hear what Jones told Gray.

“That’s very nice of him to say,” Glenn says.

“I don’t want to be enemies with people, and I think he has learned a lot, and so have I,” he adds.

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