CRIME PAYS: New York City Begins Distributing Pre-Paid Debit Cards to Illegal Immigrants


New York City has begun passing out pre-paid debit cards to illegal immigrants. The cards can reportedly only be used for food and baby supplies.

How long will it take for someone to figure out how to scam this system? Should we expect a black market to emerge around these cards and the value assigned to them?

This plan is ripe for corruption.

FOX News reports:

New York City begins giving illegal immigrants prepaid debit cards as part of $53 million pilot program

Officials in New York City have begun giving out prepaid debit cards to migrant families residing in the Big Apple.

The first batch of debit cards, which are reportedly meant to be used by the illegal immigrants to purchase food and baby supplies, were handed out Monday to a handful of migrant families in the city, New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ office confirmed to Fox News Digital.

The effort is part of a reported $53 million pilot program to hand out prepaid credit cards to migrant families housed in hotels despite public outcry.

The program, which the mayor’s office confirmed will provide migrant families of four with two children under 5 with up to $350 each week until the end of their stay, began with a limited number of families on Monday and will expand to about 115 families, or roughly 460 people, over the next week.

Watch a video report below:

We’re basically paying people to break our immigration laws.

There are probably a lot of poor American citizens in New York who could use this kind of assistance. They’ll have to get in line behind the illegal border crossers.

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