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Government overreach has become the norm under the Biden administration, and it threatens the liberty of Americans everywhere.

Mark Levin is sounding the alarm, warning of recent actions taken by this administration to target personal property and dictate the lifestyles of the people.

Levin calls a document put together by Bernie Sanders and the Biden administration aimed at “Combating the Climate Crisis and Pursuing Environmental Justice” the new “Communist Manifesto,” as it operates under the guise of “for the greater good” — but really reflects the goals of an autocratic party.

“You go through this document you’ll see what I mean in every aspect of our culture. Our politics, our government, central government, controls you, controls our livelihood, controls our future. It’s the modern day Communist Manifesto,” Levin says.

The government is enforcing their “Communist Manifesto” by issuing regulations that will affect the personal property of Americans.

“Joe Biden and his regime have issued a regulation that will make the use of your car and the combustion engine an impossibility. In other words, they are destroying the automobile industry,” Levin says, referring to a new EPA regulation that is the strictest federal climate regulation ever issued for passenger cars.

The regulation forces companies to up their sales of electric vehicles.

The administration has also recently enshrined rules “that will make it virtually impossible to build single family homes in the suburbs and the exurbs,” Levin says.

“Single family home, a home with a white gate — everybody has that dream. Wherever you are, wherever you live, this is something you want. They’re trying to eliminate it,” Levin warns.

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