‘Deplorable’: Reps. Say Veterans Homeless as Illegals Get Freebies

Thousands of veterans are homeless in America, but the Biden administration always prioritizes foreign lawbreakers over citizens. Illegal aliens receive endless amounts of money from American taxpayers while veterans are sleeping on the streets, as GOP congressmen highlighted.


Rep. Eli Crane (R-Ariz.) posted on Twitter/X on March 27, “Currently, about 35,000 veterans are homeless across America. Instead of taking care of patriots that protected our nation, Biden continues to provide free flights, housing, and services to criminal aliens. Talk about deplorable.” Crane hails from the border state of Arizona, where illegal alien encounters shot up in February.

I live in Arizona, and my local airport — Tucson International — is perpetually filled with a never-ending flood of illegal immigrants, who are being flown around the country with bulging bags of stuff at taxpayer expense, exempted from the same security measures we citizens have to endure to fly. Then there’s the free housing, prepaid debit cards, schooling for kids, medical care… the list of government financial expenditures for illegals is endless. Your tax dollars at work, my fellow Americans!

Crane isn’t the only congressman disgusted at the Biden administration’s priorities. “President Biden is basically inviting people to come in, and then we’re giving them money, we’re giving them assets, we’re giving them help, and we got [tens] of thousands of homeless veterans that need help,” Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas) said on Newsmax.

As former Texas Secretary of State, Williams noted, he has been to the border repeatedly over the years. “It’s worse today than it was yesterday, going to be worse tomorrow than it is today,” he said, noting that Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) has attempted to defend his state’s border. 


“But it’s affecting every state in America,” Williams said of the border crisis. We don’t really know how many millions of illegals are really in the country, but “they decided to break the law, they decided to hurt people, they decided to destroy the land,” and “they’re not going to go back,” especially with Biden reversals of Trump-era policies like “Remain in Mexico.” The latter policy alone could affect 70% of crossings, Williams argued.

Williams said, “We lost our sovereignty, and now we have to start worrying about the northern border.” The illegals aren’t just coming from one direction into America. “We need to tell people we are a land of laws,” Williams said, but Biden isn’t interested in that; rather “we’re giving them money, we’re giving them assets, we’re giving them help, and we got [tens] of thousands of homeless veterans that need help.” 

The “priorities are backwards,” the congressman said, but that’s “by design.” Democrats “want to have illegals in here, one day they want to own the White House, own the Senate, own the House of Representatives, and let [these] people vote. And it’s destroying our country.” Our assets should be going to border security rather than foreign nations (which they don’t do in the newly passed spending package), Williams ended.


RelatedThis February Was the Worst Ever for Illegal Crossings

Veteran homelessness increased 7.4% in 2023, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. In contrast, taxpayers have to bear an estimated net cost of $150.7 billion every year for illegal migration. The illegals get all the money and attention from Democrats.

The border crisis is just getting worse, too. Last month was the worst February ever for the number of illegal alien crossings, and with the start of warmer weather, migrant “travel season” has just begun. The influx includes large numbers of potential terrorists, criminals, and foreign agents (especially Chinese Communists) among them. Government spending is already profligate and completely unsustainable, and Democrats (with GOP help) just keep bringing in more illegal aliens to drain our resources. These policies are national suicide.

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