FLYING BLIND: 1,600 Airplanes Have Been Affected by GPS Jamming Over the Baltic Sea Just in the Last Four Days!


There’s an escalation on the dangerous skies above us.

Back in November, I wrote here in TGP that electronic warfare is now endangering unsuspecting civilians, with no remedy in sight.

You can check out on: Terror in the Skies: Civilian Airplanes Are Getting Their GPS Hacked Over the Middle East – Experts Have No Idea How to Deal With It.

The scary cyberattacks are altering civilian planes’ in-flight GPS, causing ‘critical navigation failures’ onboard the aircraft, attacks that aviation leaders and experts guaranteed was ‘impossible’.

Also, we learn that the professionals tasked with countering it have no idea how to fix this new alarming security failure.

The world has become a much more dangerous place, lately. On the seas, on land – and certainly in the air.

Earlier this month we returned to this subject of malicious activity around the planet, where aircraft have their GPS are spoofed or jammed, and now, the problem is starting to impact even the untouchable state leaders, as it arose that Russia has jammed the satellite signal on an aircraft used by defense minister Grant Shapps.

Rea more on: Russians Jam GPS of Plane Carrying UK’s Defense Minister Shapps Over Kaliningrad Enclave.

GPS jamming can make pilots miscalculate their position.

So now, we find out that more than 1,600 planes have been hit by a mysterious GPS interference in the last 4 days, an attack that many fear Russia to be responsible for.

Daily Mail reported:

“Planes flying over and around the Baltic Sea in northern Europe have been suffering technical problems caused by jamming since Sunday [23], with 1614 planes, mostly civilian, reporting problems since then.

While most of them appear to be taking place in Polish airspace, OSINT blogs have reported that planes flying in German, Danish, Swedish, Latvian and Lithuanian airspace have suffered interference problems.”

The planes are suffering from GPS jamming, which confuses pilots and make them believe they are in a different location than they actually are.

The uptick in interference can reportedly be attributed to the Kaliningrad region, where Russia is believed to have significant resources for the use of Electronic Warfare.

“A Lithuanian defence source told the outlet: ‘Russian armed forces have a wide spectrum of military equipment dedicated for GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) interference, including jamming and spoofing, at varying distances, duration and intensity’.”

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