NBC News Caves to Radical Left MSNBC Anchors and Dumps Ronna McDaniel

Former Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel has been fired after exactly one appearance on the NBC networks — an appearance that could cost the network $600,000.


NBC will have to pay McDaniel’s two-year contract at $300,000 a year, say some legal experts because she did not breach the terms of her contract. Her one 20-minute appearance on Meet the Press “could cost NBC more than $30,000 per minute, or $500 per second,” according to Politico.

But NBC News executives showed that the money didn’t matter. The inmates are now running the asylum, and that’s bad news for the network. Going full-blown radical left is not the way to win viewers or influence many politicians.

Network partisans are pretending that the McDaniel firing was about her election denial, not her political party.

“To be clear, we believe NBC News should seek out conservative Republican voices to provide balance in their election coverage,” co-host Mika Brzezinski said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday. “But it should be conservative Republicans, not a person who used her position of power to be an anti-democracy election denier.”

So the on-air talent at NBC is now going to determine just who is a “conservative Republican”? That’s rich.

Chris Cuomo, not known for always coming down on the side of truth, justice, and the American way, blasted NBC for the decision to dump McDaniel.


“How is this not a ‘[former President Trump] and his people tried to rig the election, we don’t want ‘em around,’” he said on his show “Cuomo” Tuesday. “‘Cause they’ve had plenty of Democrats on that said that Trump won because of Russian election interference.”

Indeed, what network hasn’t featured two-time Georgia governor loser Stacey Abrams on numerous occasions despite her constant denial that she lost her election to Brian Kemp?

The 2020 election denial issue shouldn’t be a factor three years after the fact. Joe Biden is in the White House and running for re-election. The only reason that Democrats bring it up is because Trump can’t let it go. Whether or not it hurts him to keep railing against it in 2024 remains to be seen.

McDaniel definitely dodged a bullet by being ousted.

Washington Post:

McDaniel’s first appearance as a paid contributor was on Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” where host Kristen Welker made it clear to her audience she had no idea that when they scheduled the appearance weeks earlier that McDaniel would soon be her colleague.

She then proceeded to grill her guest in an interview that critics praised for its aggression and rigor.

Later in the show, political analyst Chuck Todd raised questions about McDaniel’s “credibility,” and he told Welker, “I have no idea whether any answer she gave to you was because she didn’t want to mess up her contract.”


We’ll remember that the next time Todd says anything about any controversial issue. Is he pulling his punches because the target is a favored liberal? Is he doing that to keep his job?

A close McDaniel associate says that the former RNC chair is also looking at potential defamation and hostile work environment suits after her soon-to-be former colleagues took turns blasting her on air.

Hypocrites and charlatans masquerading as journalists.

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