RFK Jr.’s appeal: Strong on Big Pharma, wrong for the presidency

I like Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

He’s the only presidential candidate who is correct on COVID-19, childhood vaccines, Big Pharma, and government corruption.

That’s a big deal to me and to millions of other Americans.

Kennedy’s book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” paints such a chilling, accurate picture of the evil pharma-government racketeering operation that continues to harm millions of people in our nation that it’s impossible not to feel the emotional pull toward a candidate like that because he is the only politician who cares about this fight.

I love that RFK Jr. is unafraid to challenge the powerful interests in the deep state, too, especially at a time when the same intelligence agencies that may have been involved in his uncle’s assassination are wielding their power against American citizens who dissent from the Biden administration’s radical ideology or who voted for Trump and have legitimate, lingering questions about the 2020 presidential election.

RFK Jr. is not going to win the presidency, and any conservative votes for him make it more likely that Biden will win in November.

But I would never vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for president in 2024. You shouldn’t, either.

The fact is that RFK Jr. cannot win a general election on an independent ticket. A vote for him essentially hands a vote to Joe Biden. What’s more, no valid moral argument justifies abstaining from voting for Trump to cast a ballot for Kennedy.

RFK Jr. is pro-abortion (which is anti-life), he believes fervently in man-made climate change (which is just socialism and cultural Marxism packaged as fear-based environmentalism), he’s pro-reparations (which is government-mandated redistribution of wealth), he favors a $15-an-hour federal minimum wage (which hurts small businesses and ultimately harms low-income Americans), and he’s soft on crime.

These are deeply harmful policy positions that I cannot stomach, despite my ardent support for Kennedy’s righteous pharma accountability crusade.

Ultimately, the million-dollar question many conservatives have grappled with — would RFK Jr. running as an independent serve as a spoiler to Trump or Biden and should we vote for RFK Jr. because we like him? — has just been answered. No conservative can vote in good conscience for an RFK Jr. ticket that includes Nicole Shanahan, whom Kennedy announced as his running mate at a rally in Oakland, California, on Tuesday.

Shanahan is a radical leftist activist with the money to impose her far-leftist ideology on our families.

Shanahan gave six figures to Soros-funded District Attorney George Gascón, who is doing to Los Angeles what he did previously to San Francisco. Gascón’s pro-criminal agenda is making L.A. nearly uninhabitable for anyone other than criminals.

Shanahan also co-hosted a fundraising event in 2020 for secretary of transportation and erstwhile presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, whose father was a proud Marxist. Shanahan also donated $25,000 to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Additionally, Shanahan is the ex-wife of Google founder Sergey Brin, who presides over Google’s parent company, Alphabet, at a time when Google has been openly weaponized against conservatives.

Shanahan also participated in a Druid-inspired “love ceremony” with her current lover — instead of getting married — which is just weird.

Obviously, RFK Jr. is not a conservative and never claimed to be, despite many conservatives — myself included — sharing his passion for medical reform. He’s a lifelong Democrat from a famous Democratic family. So we shouldn’t be surprised that he is aligned with a major Democratic Party donor.

Moreover, RFK Jr. is not going to win the presidency, and conservative votes for him make it more likely that Joe Biden will win in November, a proposition we should not accept if we can act — with our votes — to prevent it.

Ultimately though, Kennedy’s pick of Shanahan as his vice presidential running mate prohibits every Christian and conservative from casting a vote for RFK Jr., even in the name of conscience. And that’s too bad.

Instead, let’s focus our efforts on electing a Republican like Trump — whether or not you like his personality — who will use RFK Jr.’s expertise to drain the incestuous government pharma swamp, which is why we were attracted to Kennedy in the first place.

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