The worst rule change in NFL history

Despite opposition from the NFL players, owners have officially decided to ban the “hip-drop” tackle over player safety concerns.

Starting next season, the tackle will result in a 15-yard penalty and an automatic first down.

Jason Whitlock is wondering whether the NFL owners are “intentionally trying to undermine the watchability of the game.”

“There’s a point where this bubble is going to burst,” Whitlock says, adding, “We’ve given the referees another judgment call and what we’re going to have are more complaints about the legitimacy, the integrity … Is this game rigged? Is it being manipulated?”

“I do think people are going to be less likely to watch.”

Steve Kim isn’t a fan of the rule change, but he has a hard time believing it’ll make it less watchable.

“We could say that we don’t like football as much, but Jason, we still love football,” Kim tells Whitlock.

“You’ll be watching less NFL,” Whitlock argues, “I’ll be watching less NFL. It’s hard to sell. I can’t wait to hear these broadcasters, Troy Aikman and all these other broadcasters that went through the real NFL, when they start flagging people 15 yards for pulling guys down from behind.”

“I can’t wait to hear them try to sell that garbage,” he continues, adding, “the bubble on the NFL is going to burst.”

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