‘Diplomatic blackmail’: Mexico’s president gives harrowing answer when asked about US border crisis

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While the Biden administration has failed to find a solution to the crisis at the southern border, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has offered his.

That solution is that the United States commit $20 billion in aid to poor countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, lift sanctions on Venezuela and the Cuban embargo, and legalize millions of law-abiding Mexicans living in the U.S.

When asked by Sharyn Alfonsi on “60 Minutes” what would happen if the U.S. didn’t comply with his demands, he gave a terrifying answer.

“The flow of migrants will continue,” he answered, before being asked if he thought what he was doing was “diplomatic blackmail.”

“I’m speaking frankly. We have to say things as they are, and I always say what I feel. I always say what I think,” he answered.

Dave Rubin isn’t amused.

“It is diplomatic blackmail. The president of the country that’s to our south, that basically has the open border, is basically like give us $20 billion,” Rubin says.

The Mexican president also blamed the fentanyl crisis in America not on the open border but on the U.S. for producing it. He then blamed American culture for the widespread drug problem.

“You know why we don’t have the drug consumption that you have in the United States? We have customs, traditions, and we don’t have the problem of the disintegration of the family,” the president said.

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