Fairfax VA Board of Supervisors Celebrate Transgenders over Jesus

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This year Easter falls on one of the left’s favorite made up holidays: Transgender Visibility Day. Last week, the board of supervisors in Fairfax County in Northern Virginia decided to prioritize transgender people over the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ that’s celebrated annually.

Washington Examiner summarized the move by saying that members are “sending a message to Christians that they do not matter as they turn one of their holiest days into a celebration of an ideology that undermines the church’s core convictions.”

Chairman Jeff McKay announced the following after the board unanimously decided to hijack Easter and instead celebrate yet another made up holiday for people who have a delusional sense of identity: “As an elected official, it should be our moral responsibility to stand up for all people that we represent, not just the people we like or the people we agree with.”

So you mean to tell me that you’ll stand up for people who are living a lie but not stand up for who created you? Really?

The Washington Examiner brought up a great point when it insisted that the Fairfax area could have chosen literally any other day to honor the transgender folk, especially considering the area is overtly progressive and accepting of the alphabet mafia. 

The Washington Examiner article read:

The transgender activist community does not have a visibility problem in northern Virginia. But it does appear to have a narcissism problem. Fairfax County School Board, for example, has designated June as LGBT Pride Month and October as LGBT History Month. The community gets two full months of celebration in our district’s schools. Apparently, that just wasn’t enough.

In response to the move, users online were livid with the mockery of the Christian holiday.

“This is appalling,” Telegraph contributor Nile Gardiner said on X, “Fairfax County’s board of supervisors mocks Christians by designating Easter as Transgender Visibility Day.” 

A different user wrote, “I thank God that I don’t live in Fairfax County, Virginia.  A Board of Supervisors who would do what they did should all be removed” while another called the move “shameful and offensive.”

They’re totally right. Easter is a holiday for Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and choosing to “honor” people who live a lie by telling them that they’re greater or should be prioritized over the Savior, is a perfect example of the moral decline that our nation is up against.

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