Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse an “absolutely brilliant strategic attack,” say multiple intel sources

Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse an “absolutely brilliant strategic attack,” say multiple intel sources

Multiple intelligence sources are saying that the container ship incident at Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore was an “absolutely brilliant strategic attack” on critical United States infrastructure – and right at the Mason Dixon line, just like the Civil War.

Investigative journalist Lara Logan wrote on X that the Francis Scott Key Bridge, also known as the Key Bridge, is the second-busiest strategic roadway in the country for transporting hazardous materials, having been strategically designed for such a purpose.

It is being said that rebuilding the bridge to appropriate standards will take four or five years, which means this strategic artery will no longer be accessible for transporting things like unleaded fuel, diesel, propane gas, nitrogen and highly flammable materials and chemicals, along with oversized cargo, that cannot fit through roadway tunnels in the area.

“[T]hat supply chain is now crippled,” Logan wrote.

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America, a free-fall roller coaster

The two most critical components of the Key Bridge are the load-bearing pylons located at each of its ends closest to shore. These are the largest, thickest and deepest points on the bridge, anchoring it in place – and their destruction means the integrity of the bridge was lost.

Because one of the load-bearing pylons was struck by the container ship, bringing down half a mile of the bridge along with it, it is more than likely that the entire bridge will need to be completely rebuilt. This is a major feat and one that will take a bit of time.

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Logan says that structural destruction of the bridge is “likely absolute” and that the attack, as she is calling it, was “perfectly targeted.”

“They have figured out how to bring us down,” she further writes in quotes. “As long as you stay away from the teeth of the U.S. military, you can pick the U.S. apart.”

“We are arrogant and ignorant – lethal combination. Obama said they would fundamentally change America and they did. We are in a free-fall ride on a roller coaster right now – no brakes – just picking up speed.”

Sped-up footage of the incident, which you can watch below, pretty much shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was no accident, and that the container ship was directed to hit one of the bridge’s key pylons.

As you will notice, the cargo ship never even got into the approach lane in the channel, which is an absolute must for it to make that turn correctly without a collision.

The location of impact, Logan says, was precise and deliberate. She also criticizes the fact that there was no harbor pilot to pilot the boat, though X is claiming that there were actually two harbor pilots present at the time of impact.

“They chose a full moon so they would have maximum tidal shift – rise and fall,” Logan further writes. “Brisk flow in that river on a normal day & have had a lot of rain recently so water was already moving along at a good pace.”

“All these factors when you look at it – this is how you teach people how to do this type of attack and there are so few people left in the system who know this. We have a Junior varsity team on the field.”

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