Globalists unleashing AI-powered control grid to END independent journalism and eradicate online free speech

Globalists unleashing AI-powered control grid to END independent journalism and eradicate online free speech

The speed with which the American police state is now able to round up political dissidents and punish them for alleged “crimes” against the state is a testament to the power of the artificial intelligence (AI)-driven surveillance and control grid.

Independent journalist Leo Hohmann says banks are colluding with Big Tech to not only censor but silence dissidents by blocking offending customers from accessing their money like something out of 1984.

He tells the story of Rebel News reporter David Menzies, who was arrested recently while trying to interview attendees at a pro-Hamas rally in Toronto. Menzies was arrested just three days after the announcement of his lawsuit against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) “for a pattern of intimidation and exclusion following shocking displays of police brutality against David.”

Even though Menzies was in full compliance with the law, presenting his identification upon request, as evidenced by camera footage, he was arrested and detained simply for exercising his right to document a public event.

Similar such incidents are occurring in the United States as well, one of the most notable recent ones being the arrest of Blaze Media‘s Steve Baker for covering the January 6 “insurrection.” Infowars‘ Owen Shroyer was similarly arrested and thrown in jail for two months for his covering of the “insurrection.”

“Globalist politicians and judges are colluding with big corporations throughout the formerly free Western world to remove certain bedrock rights and God-given freedoms and replace them with government-issued privileges,” Hohmann writes.

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“They will tell you that you still have a right to free speech and freedom of the press, until you do what journalists have always done in the past and challenge the government narrative. If you do this, you lose your status and free-speech protections as a journalist and the government rebrands you as a conspiracy theorist, making you vulnerable to arrest.”

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AI-powered tyranny

It is important to note that Shroyer’s conviction came with a declaration that he is not really a journalist, but rather a “conspiracy theorist.” This somehow legitimizes, in the eyes of the state, that Shroyer should not be a free man.

The way the police state is able to nab these people so quickly and with such seeming ease has to do with how the AI-powered control grid is watching them both in real-life and online.

“For more than five years now, journalists and citizen journalists alike have seen Big Tech censor and bury their work behind unfavorable algorithms,” Hohmann explains. “Some have even been banned or suspended from social media platforms.”

“But now the globalists are taking their war against the truth to a new level. They are going for the kill shots by having journalists and citizen truthtellers actually arrested and removed from society altogether … In short, real journalists, people who question the facts and narratives provided by those in positions of power and authority, are being banned.”

The directives that have unleashed such tyranny across the U.S. seem to come from higher-up sources such as the United Nations (UN) and the World Economic Forum (WEF). Both of these entities have said that their top priority in 2024 and beyond is to stamp out “disinformation,” at least as they define the term.

WEF founder Klaus Schwab continues to brag about how he has “penetrated the cabinets” of Justin Trudeau’s regime in Canada, as well as Emmanuel Macron’s in France via his WEF Young Global Leaders program. (Related: Did you know that Ivanka Trump attended the Young Global Leader program at the WEF in 2015?)

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