Megyn Kelly on the ONLY 2 ways Trump can beat our corrupt legal system

Former president Donald Trump is facing a handful of massive trials, including some that are being prosecuted by extremely partisan attorneys.

Glenn Beck and Megyn Kelly can’t help but notice that the attack on him is not only unprecedented but completely unfair.

While in one case, Trump’s bond was lowered from $464 million to $170 million and his fans across America rejoiced — it still doesn’t make it a win.

“It’s still $170 million, which in a victimless crime, I don’t understand,” Glenn says, astonished.

“The injustice against him is patent to anyone who’s not a hard-left partisan,” Kelly tells Glenn, adding, “I think we understand the fix is in. He’s probably going to lose, potentially across the board, on all four of these criminal cases.”

However, Kelly doesn’t believe all hope is lost.

“I think at this point, the only thing that’s going to save Trump is the Supreme Court and us in November,” Kelly says.

“Those are the two ways out of this for him, which is pretty ironic, Glenn, if you think about it,” Kelly adds.

Kelly believes it’s “ironic” because the Democrats’ main goal is to stop Trump from running for and winning the presidency. However, it’s going to be one of the only ways he can save his life, his company, his business, and his freedom.

“He has no choice but to win, so he’s going to fight harder than ever. I mean, it’s kind of perfect,” Kelly says.

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