Stanford TA Wants Biden Dead for Israel-Hamas War

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Did you hear about the white supremacist Christian Nationalist gun-toting MAGA-hat-wearing straight white male who openly called for President Joe Biden’s death recently?



Because that guy doesn’t exist.

Someone who does exist who openly called for Joe Biden’s death recently is Hamza El Boudali, a Stanford teaching assistant and computer science grad student. The reason for this? He’s angry at Biden for supporting Israel as they continue wiping out Hamas and is accusing the Biden Administration of complicity in “genocide” against the Palestinians (and Stanford is somehow complicit too).

Our resident VodkaPundit Stephen Green briefly mentioned this fine gentleman in a column he just wrote, but I figured he deserved a bit more detail:

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“I’d be happy if Biden was dead,” El Boudali supposedly said to a group of pro-Palestine protesters in February, according to the Atlantic.

Thankfully, he did clarify such a deed should not be performed by a civilian, but instead by a military, as if this is somehow an improvement:

“I’m not calling for a vigilante to do it,” he later clarified, “but I’m saying he is guilty of mass murder and should be treated in the same way that a terrorist with darker skin would be (and we all know terrorists with dark skin are typically bombed and drone striked by American planes),” the Atlantic quoted him.


Being the good leftist he is, El Boudali made sure to somehow wedge racial issues into the discussion, even though Islam’s track record with Sub-Saharan Africans is hardly indicative of being progressive.

Oh yeah, and he also called the horrifying massacres committed by Hamas on October 7 justified and expressed the idea that they would be a better-governing body than the current administration.

Look, I am no fan of President Biden, but I would never say a gang of maniacs like Hamas would somehow run the country better.

But I have a feeling if me and El Boudali switched places, I would probably be receiving a visit from the Secret Service for threatening violence against an elected official.

Still, it is truly amazing how much groups labeled “victims” and “oppressed” can get away with.

Just this past Friday I wrote about how Georgetown Law students painted their hands to look like bloody palms while protesting the Georgetown Federalist Society, throwing them up like Aziz Salha did after he took part in the violent murder and mutilation of two Israel Defense Force (IDF) reservists in 2000.


Even then, the Biden Administration has not exactly been a boon for Israel, since they are cynically trying to retain the Muslim vote up in Michigan and Minnesota. To this end, the government has allowed the pro-Hamas wing of the Democrat Party to become louder in their demands for a ceasefire and has authorized the construction of a pier in Gaza that will allow humanitarian aid to reach people in the area, seemingly not knowing or not caring that Hamas will steal it all for themselves.

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If we’re lucky to have Trump back in office once November passes, hopefully he will help Israel crush Hamas for good and all these pro-Hamas people in America will at least shut up.

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