Migrant caravan of 2,000 heads toward El Paso

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A massive migrant caravan of at least 2,000 individuals led by Mexican activists is heading toward El Paso, Texas, and will arrive at the southern border within days, the New York Post reported.

The first group from the “Way of the Cross” caravan recently reached Chihuahua City, Mexico, according to KTRH. The news outlet noted that the migrants are being assisted by churches in Mexico.

A video posted on social media showed the wave of migrants chanting, “A la frontera,” which means, “To the border.” The group declared, “We are not criminals, we are international workers.”

The caravan was reportedly formed to ensure the security of migrants seeking to travel to the border and enter the United States. The activists argued that, without the safety of the caravan, the migrants are being exploited by criminal organizations.

“Right now, there is a clear persecution of pro-migrant activists,” activist Luis Villagran stated in a video captured by Real America’s Voice and posted on social media. “They haven’t been able to control this massive migrant flow.”

“The only one that benefits out of human misery, it is the organized crime,” he continued, according to RAV’s translation.

The activist claimed that the migrants “do not have another options.”

“Their only option is to walk in a caravan or go in the back of a tractor trailer to possibly die. Where we have seen, in the past year 2023, more than 400 migrants have disappeared in their journeys to try to get to the United States of America,” the activist added.

It is unclear whether they all plan to enter the U.S. at the El Paso border or if they will separate into smaller groups and cross at several ports of entry.

Border Report stated that churches near the southern border are preparing for the surge of new arrivals.

Rev. Francisco Bueno Guillen, director of Casa del Migrante shelter in Juarez, said, “We are in contact with people and personnel in migrant shelters in south Mexico. They say many people have come into the country recently and are being joined by others already there. And yes, they are coming to Juarez.”

Guillen has been in communication with other church officials to coordinate shelter space for those in the caravan.

“We are a single church. We are not isolated, we work together. They (El Paso) also have places to shelter migrants, they assist us,” he stated.

El Paso Catholic Diocese Bishop Mark J. Seitz told Border Report, “We continue to marshal all available resources and be aware of the trends.”

“El Paso has shown itself to be very able to gear up when the surge comes and provide a safe and orderly way for those who have been permitted to come in to find a secure situation and continue on their path.,” Seitz added.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas responded to the news about the en-route migrant caravan.

“Our border has been overrun for over three years. This is just the latest example of what Joe Biden has normalized,” he wrote in a post on X.

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